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This morning my muse bid me to build the Frisian Atantis in Larkspur with the 1.7 billion dollar Buck Foundation monies. This will be New Amsterdam located in the tidal waters of San Francisco Bay. Jon Presco Copyright 2017 .

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It is time to take another look at Goddess Worship now that we see that the three religions that sprang from the seed of Abraham are leading us to Doomsday. The world has been taken hostage by Islamic, Jewish, and Evangelical radicals who are at holy war with one another, they not waiting till they rule the earth before they make laws – for women only!

Michelle Bachman was waiting for her surge in Iowa that never came, she expecting the evangelicals to rise up and anoint her over the males, those pretenders to Jesus’ throne – that only she is worthy of sitting on as she makes laws that oppress Liberal Women.

The Oera Linda Book was see by the Nazi leader, Himmler, as a Bible for Aryan people. The Nazi’s put their brand on a lot of things, but, that does not mean we must assign these things…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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