Hunch Butt of Nortre Dame

One of the great concerns of the Christian-right, who encouraged their flocks t0 become Republicans, and help vote tax-cuts for the very rich, was, the migration of brown peoples across our border who were predominantly Catholic voters for the Democrats.

Above is a photo of the Sisters of the Order of Saint Francis who fled Germany and were given sanctuary by my Wieneke family, who joined this order.

I order Steve Bannon and John Hagee to get out of the Republican Party founded mainly by German Immigrants who were Socialists! They went into the South and killed Confederates who imported black slaves against their will – so just a few can get rich. These hostages could not become U.S. Citizens.

Bannon says he is a “street fighter” but, is all for the very rich, like Putin and Trump. He backs foreign Fat Cats who have crushed the Peons in the Americas for 500 years.

Get out – you shit encrusted, hog butted, parasites! Get out!

Jon Presco

Stephen K. Bannon, President Trump’s former chief strategist, lashed out at leaders of the Catholic Church in the United States who condemned the president’s recent decision to phase out an Obama-era program that has allowed nearly 800,000 undocumented immigrants who were brought to the country as children to gain temporary legal status.

Bannon, who is Catholic, accused the church of wanting a steady flow of illegal immigrants coming into the country to fill its church pews and make money.

“Unable to really to come to grips with the problems in the Church, they need illegal aliens, they need illegal aliens to fill the churches,” Bannon said in an interview with Charlie Rose that will air on “60 Minutes” on CBS on Sunday. “It’s obvious on the face of it.”

Bannon added: “They have an economic interest. They have an economic interest in unlimited immigration, unlimited illegal immigration.”

Rose cut Bannon off and said: “That’s a tough thing to say about your church.”

“As much as I respect Cardinal [Timothy] Dolan and the bishops on doctrine, this is not doctrine,” Bannon responded. “This is not doctrine at all. I totally respect the pope and I totally respect the Catholic bishops and cardinals on doctrine. This is not about doctrine. This is about the sovereignty of a nation. And in that regard, they’re just another guy with an opinion.

The original United States Naturalization Law of March 26, 1790 (1 Stat. 103) provided the first rules to be followed by the United States in the granting of national citizenship. This law limited naturalization to immigrants who were free white persons of good character. It thus excluded American Indians, indentured servants, slaves, free blacks and later Asians although free blacks were allowed citizenship at the state level in certain states. It also provided for citizenship for the children of U.S. citizens born abroad, stating that such children “shall be considered as natural born citizens,” the only US statute ever to use the term. It specified that the right of citizenship did “not descend to persons whose fathers have never been resident in the United States.”


The supreme, absolute, and uncontrollable power by which an independent state is governed and from which all specific political powers are derived; the intentional independence of a state, combined with the right and power of regulating its internal affairs without foreign interference.

Sovereignty is the power of a state to do everything necessary to govern itself, such as making, executing, and applying laws; imposing and collecting taxes; making war and peace; and forming treaties or engaging in commerce with foreign nations.

The individual states of the United States do not possess the powers of external sovereignty, such as the right to deport undesirable persons, but each does have certain attributes of internal sovereignty, such as the power to regulate the acquisition and transfer of property within its borders. The sovereignty of a state is determined with reference to the U.S. Constitution, which is the supreme law of the land.


The Romani (also spelled Romany; /ˈroʊməni/, /ˈrɒ-/), or Roma, are a traditionally nomadic ethnic group, living mostly in Europe and the Americas and originating from the northern regions of the Indian subcontinent,[52][53][54] apparently from the region that is currently occupied by the Indian states of Rajasthan, Haryana, and Punjab.[53][54]

The Romani are widely known among English-speaking people by the exonym Gypsies (or Gipsies), which some people consider pejorative due to its connotations of illegality and irregularity.[55] They are a dispersed people, but their most concentrated populations are located in Europe, especially Central, Eastern and Southern Europe (including Turkey, Spain and Southern France). The Romani originated in Northern India and arrived in Mid-West Asia, and Europe around 1,000 years ago.[56] They have been associated with another Indo-Aryan group, the Dom people, from whom they have been said to have separated from or, at least, have a similar history to.[57] Specifically, the ancestors of both the Romani and the Dom left North India sometime between the sixth and eleventh century.[56]

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