Were the Stuttmeisters Rosicrucians?

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Rosamond Press

What is puzzling, is why would the Stuttmeisters conceal their past having such a grand monument to their dead in Berlin? They were evangelical Luhterans, members of the Jerusalem Church that was favored by Freidrich Wilhelm, the Rosicrucian King of Prussia.

We were told that the Stuttmeisters were Prussians descended from Teutonic Knights. I suspect they were a Cadet Branch of the House of Holenzollern. My grandmother’s middle name was Charlotte, and her great grandfather was Dr. Freidrich Wilhelm Rudolph Stuttmesiter. Was he a Doctor of Thealogy? Their Jerusalem Calvinist Church has some amazing history and splits. King Freidrich was titled ‘Ormesus Magnus’ and was one of the foremost Rosicrucians in history.


7. AGNES EMMA HEDWIG STUTTMEISTER – International Genealogical Index / GE
Gender: Female Christening: 06 SEP 1856 Sankt Petri, Berlin Stadt, Brandenburg, Preussen
8. ALBERTUS FRIEDERICH STUTTMEISTER – International Genealogical Index / GE
Gender: Male Christening: 11…

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