Setting The Hansel Gretel Trap

Above is the law offices of Heisinger, Morris & Buck that reminds me of  the Candy-covered Witch House in the story of Hansel and Gretel. It was located around the corner from the Cake-covered Rosamond Creamy Dream Money-making Machine and Art Gallery that Sydney Morris sold to Big Liar Pierrot, who now owned the Pedophiles Bag of Candy, that lured my sixteen year old daughter to her doom.

Stacey Pierrot and Jacci Beloford claim Christine gave them The New Success Plan just before she drowned. Bullshit! The plan was to make Garth the executor and have him strut about in the Rosamond Gallery selling prints – as if there had not been a terrible divorce! My sister had a stay-away order against Vic Presco’s son-in-law who he went fishing with. I never met Garth. How many members of my family took Garth’s side during the divorce? How many business folks wanted Garth – IN CONTROL?  Shannon and her attorney kept Garth from being THE EXECUTOR!

“I felt responsible to continue,” Saint Pierrot says.”She taught me everything,
and I loved her. Her family was understandably in chaos. I couldn’t let all she
worked for drift away.”

Pierrot and Belford made plans to nominate Garth executor while in Christine’s house that should have been LOCKED and sealed by the Coroner. Everyone at the business meeting held before the funeral – should have been arrested for TRESPASS! Instead, Heir Shannon is arrested for trespass.

Here is Tom Snyder disappearing Shamus Dundon in Garth’s bio, who alas got his way, and would be making BIG BUCKS with the Book&Movie deal – instead of Christine!

Shamus complains of a headache – because of the sun, then, goes up to the house to look for lizards? WHAT? Is it shadier up at the house? Perhaps there is lingering fog up there?  My nephew lives in the Mojave Desert, and at the time was living in Oklahoma while in the Air Force. He is never questioned, and, offers none of his words in Rosamond’s biography. I told my daughter to stay away from him.

I am thinking about going to the court in Monterey to look at the files for the suggestion I made to Morris to hire a  detective to look for my daughter who appeared to me in a dream. But, I will probably be arrested for contempt, I ruled A THREAT to Robert Buck and His Boys! I would like to post photogrpahs of the children his foundations allegedly help, but, I respect their privacy, something that Big Buck took away from me on February 15, 1996. when he sold our creative family legacy to an outsider, and, gave Pierrot written permission to hire a stranger and ghost writer to delve into our DIRT, and EXPOSE us to the world for what we TRULY ARE!

In 1993 I called up the IRS and turned Vic Presco in for Tax Evasion. He had just told me he had intercourse with my niece, Shannon Rosamond, but, she came on to him while they were drinking. Christine and Garth Benton sent Shannon to stay with The Drunken Sex Offender in order to secure the monies Vic wangled out of his mother before she died so he could invest in Rosamond Prints. I had shown up out of the blue with one year of sobriety, and my sisters got rid of me by putting me in touch with my childhood sweetheart, Marilyn. They were afraid Big Victim would give me some candy. Vic thought The Bentons turned him into the IRS, so he turned them in.

The Big Bad Wolf ate our grandmother, then got in her bed and used her money to fuck us some more, and our grandchildren. Melba died believing she was not loved, but, loathed! It doesn’t get any worse than this. I love, and forgive Melba for disinhertiting the Presco Children who grew up hungry. Vic never paid Child Support – as ordered by a Judge. Big Bad Garth ate my sister, then got in her casket and fucked Shannon up – for the money!

In 1997 I almost got shot and killed by Big Vic’s neighbor, a Deputy Sherrif, who was going to sick his German Shepherd on me, too. Vic had been calling Gloria up after the bars closed, and was putting the make on her, while I lay in bed asleep. She threanted to leave me if I did not get The Sex Offender to stop calling. She suffered from insomonia. I got on the phone. Big Pedophile challenged me to come kick his ass.

After getting sober Dee-Dee drunk again, she chased Big Victim around the house firing his gun at him. He did not call the police, nor go to the hospital to remove the bullet. Dee-Dee soon died of acute alcoholism. Here’s Vicki’s Special Daddy pretending to get rid of his Dirty Dee-Dee by throwing her on the tracks. Rosamond had not painted ‘The Crossing’.

What I wanted to do was take Dark Sibling’s bag of candy from Brother Vic. We never had a father. Vic used money to seduce his children, and other people’s children. Mark the Neo-Nazi, told me he considered becoming a pedophile, and, he was a millionaire. As a hidden member of the Movie Constorteum, he would have a Rosy Casting Couch. This is why I told my daughter to stay away from my family. Heather told her aunt and her Big Drunken Pig Lawyer Husband, who told my daughter I was KEEPING HER away from the BIG BAG OF CANDY. This pig lusted after my daughter!

A Judge did make Garth the exectutor after reading Jacci&Vicki’s approval. The ex-brother-in-law was now the Honorary Brother of the Family, and I was out because I sent a forty page letter to my siblings informing them both of our parents were sexually abusive.

“Get your children back! You have thrown them away duplicating what was done to you!”

What truly firthtended me, and filled me with rage after reading THEIR BOOK, is how Christine could never GET AWAY! She had fame and money and could have lived anywhere in the world, and made outstanding friend. but, she was stuck in THEIR TOILET swimming round and round in THEIR FILTH, trying to recapture the childhood she never had, and, THE IDENTITY they stole. They held out their bag of candy while working hard to believe she was…………UNWORTHY! They trapped her! They raped her, even when she was dead! They believed she had turned over on them so only she would be free of THE IRS. Did they get their pound of flesh?

More Fairytale Lies! We have seen the videos! The waves are not breaking on the sand fifty yards beyond the rocks! Garth knows he is hearing bullshit as he gets his best suit from the drycleaner, he feeling more “buoyant” then he has in a year, he grinning at his image in the mirror, having just got The Dream Divorce of the Year!

And, what about this “partnership”? What kind of husband forms a partnerships with his wife? It looks like Christine refused to give Garth his share – of prints – like she did with her father, who called Garth’s divorce attorney who was helping Vicki pull out. Beare was shocked Vic existed – and the Family Partnership Prints.

“Garth and Vicki didn’t tell me about these prints. I asked them inventory everything.”

Do you see several motives for MURDER here?

“Come by child. Take my hand, and let me lead you to The Sandy Cove of Doom!”

“But, Mommy……………….!”

Yesterday, I found my Certificate of Merit for completing my forty radiation treatments for prostate cancer. Not once did my daughter Heather Hanson, call before any of these treatments, or after. This was because she feared I would detect the truth she did not care, and her desire was – that I die! She was the Holder of Family Secrets, now. Vicki knew she had shit on her, and could and would take her side, if the price was right.

“Just because you don’t get along with your family, doesn’t mean I can’t.”

Heather was holding the Big Bag of Buck Candy, until I got rid of her. Several months ago I had severe bleeding after using a catheter. When we are all dead, she will be Queen Candy! This blog is dedicated to throwing her thrown – in the sea!

What is clear is, I am The Real Artist, and they got rid of me a long time ago. Robert Buck’s law firm is responsible for The World’s First Fake Book! It is not just Art I protect, but also – LITERATURE! My daughter is as FAKE as they come! Here is the Fake Rosamond Artist, Sara Moon, who pocketed REAL MONEY!

Here is Captain Victim’s favorite secretary who died hours after Vic took her to dinner in order to celebrate her graduation from City College. She OD’d on alcohol and barbiturates. She was twenty-three. Her parents returned the $10,000 dollars they found in her safe deposit box, to HER BOSS MAN who had her on his infamous ‘Perk System’. She coined the phrase ‘Vic The Nazi’ and suggested Vic&Vic were having a incestuous relationship while my sister lived with, and worked for The Godfather. This was another good reason to turn Vic into the IRS. I didn’t realize Heather and her family were on pins and needles, waiting for another episode of ‘Queen Candy’. Vic thought Garth was a phony.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2017


Hansel and Gretel are the young children of a poor woodcutter. When a great famine settles over the land, the woodcutter’s second, abusive wife decides to take the children into the woods and leave them there to fend for themselves, so that she and her husband do not starve to death, because the kids eat too much. The woodcutter opposes the plan but finally, and reluctantly, submits to his wife’s scheme. They were unaware that in the children’s bedroom, Hansel and Gretel have overheard them. After the parents have gone to bed, Hansel sneaks out of the house and gathers as many white pebbles as he can, then returns to his room, reassuring Gretel that God will not forsake them.

Sara Moon = Rosamon

There is an old Iranian man who has been imitating Rosamond since 1976. He signs these knock-offs ‘Sara Moon’. Everyone thought he was a woman. He kept his true identity a secret for years. Some folks thought I was Moon. Last night I saw how similar the name SARA MOON is to the name ROSAMOND. Drop the D and you have seven of the letters that are in the name Sara Moon.“For over 15 years he was totally oblivious to the ‘Where are you, Sara?’ calls that echoed around the world from the multitude of devoted fans he had unwittingly left behind.
With his absence and Red Baron Publishing gone too, his quiet ‘disappearance’ in retirement from Verkerke, the varied signatures on the artworks created much speculation over the years that followed. Did ‘Sara Moon’ ever exist? If so, where was this reclusive artist now?”

In 1973, Christine Rosamond offered to teach me her style so I could be rich and famous, too. I turned this offer down. In 1985 I sent some of my work to my old friend, Marilyn, so she could show them to Ira Cohen, the gallery owner who discovered Rosamond, and helped develop her style. Ten of the first paintings she did for Ira, were rejected.

Upon seeing my work, that included a portrait of my Muse, Rena Christiansen, he told Marilyn my work was “Too hard edge.” But, if I soften them up, he could sell them. I got his drift. Cohen wanted more decorative fashion art.

Sara The Man tailor made his art to sell. It’s like painting checks. Mr. Bijan could care less about owning an integral artistic identity, because he loved his bank! I just couldn’t do it! If I had I would be rolling in the doe and my daughter would not call me a Parasite?

Above is a photo of Marilyn on the beach taken by her friend, Steven Silverstein, the famous fashion photographer. Steven’s women are the Real Deal, real Fashion Plates. Steven photographed some of the most beautiful women in the world, included the First Lady of France. Perhaps I should have become a fashion photographer?
It’s never – too late!

One of Moon’s women is titled ‘Hippie’. Marilyn was a Hippie. She was my first Muse who feels the injustice parasitical outsiders have inflicted upon my family.

I understand folks don’t like me because I keep pointing out real fakes, frauds, and parasites. That many of Moon’s fans don’t mind that he hood-winked them – is the real study here! Behold the Republican candidates who are running on the platform Democrats are parasites!

Some of my friends wonder why I gave up wanting to be an artist.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2011

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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    Stacey Pierrot titled herself “Caretaker” of the Rosamond artistic legacy – that includes Christine’s daughters, the named Heirs. Alan Pierrot read this title that he helped his daughter own. I highly suggest he go out of his way to make sure my beloved sister get the best medical treatment possible. Vicki Presco needs to see specialists. Alan own eleven hospitcals. What say ye fans of Rosamond?

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