Trump Gave ‘Parasite’ Propaganda Speech


Duce Von Trump gave a Fascist Propaganda speech last night that terrified all those who know something about the rise of the Nazis. My ignorant daughter knows noting about anything, so that when her drunken lover, and his military father, convinced Heather I was a “parasite” she did not know these were fighting words. She adored the words of a TRAITOR that does not fully approve of the British and American Alliance that defeated Hitler’s Killer Goons. Bill Cornwell and his ex-cop coward father, believe some of Hitler’s ideas – are keepers. I know they hated Mexicans, and formed their hateful needs around them. The Cornwells turned my grandson against me, because  I deserved to be ostracized. I was ruled a Liberal Cancer ON White Society.

The best way to describe the altered message that Von Trump intended for his beloved followers before the death of Heather in Charlottesville, is to read this Nazi pamphlet.

“The National Socialist worldview has in recent years opened the eyes of the greater part of our people to this problem. The German people has recognized that the Jew has crept in like a parasite not only into our people, but into all the peoples of the earth, and that it is attempting to corrupt the original racial characteristics of the peoples in order to destroy them both racially and as states, and thereby rule over them.”

Von Trump is pardoning the Guilt of the White Parasite who murdered the Cherokees in South Carolina in order t own their land. My Rosamond kindred took part in this. The Native Americans still see WASPs as “parasites” as do the Native Mexicans. China just gave Von Trump an economical warning. My kindred, Senator Thomas Hart Benton, authored ‘Manifest Destiny’ wherein he encourages WASPs to do business in the Orient, and have children by Orientals, believing the White Genetics will prove superior. Benton was John Astor’s attorney. The Astor-Brevoorts brought a shit-load of opium to China that led to the Boxer Rebellion, that was a spiritual movement similar to the Ghost Dance.

Rev. Graham is carrying on the White Ghost Dance of his father, and is blessing Von Trump in his Secret Crusade, that after last night, is no longer a secret. Graham give trinkets to foreigners in chaos in order to convert them. He would love to have a Crusader Militia going ahead of him and preparing his way. Von Trump is looking at DynCo and Erik Prince of Blackwater to carry on the war in Afghanistan. I highly suggest the Kurds stay out of this un-holy plan.

Above is Fred Wieneke the head of the Deutsche Christian movement that Hitler tried to integrate into his secular solutions – and USE! Von Trump is a – USER PARASITE – who attacks minorities, and USES them to gather RACIST-HATERS around him. How dare he use the word LOVE! The Rolling Stones forbid the Duce to USE their music, but, El Trumpo is on a mission. Last night Trump made it clear he believes he was elected to DICTATE, and be a – DICTATOR – who gets to edit the truth for the good of his followers which he hopes will be every American, one day. He is furious everyone is not a believer. Not able to TRUST we Americans have brains, and USE them, he claims millions are TRICKED&FOOLED by the Press.

To look at the furious faces of those “fine”  white people, as Trump describes them as ‘The Barley Smart&Un-fooled’ – was chilling. The Free Press can not be the enemy of any Democracy. Graham put our Constitution second or third, after both books of the Bible. He is a crazy hysteric who will do and say anything to put the white man on top. He, and Von Trump, bend the truth – like crazy!They claim God is the Truth, and, is on their side. Jesus had no love for Super Capitalists. John Astor was a great patron of The Arts. He USED Artists as a smokescreen to hide the truth he was an Evil Drug Dealer, born from Satan’s ass. He and his family would have never done this to White People, therefore, he is one of the World’s Greatest Racists. Von Trump loves his Religious Addicts and feeds them DOPE!

My German kindred took up arms and killed Confederate Traitors. They pointed their guns at these Traitors. and put black men in Congress. The Forty-Eighters and Turners founded the Republican Party – that has lost its mind! I demand good Republicans speak against Duce Von Blunderbust – or form another party. Get out!

Jon Presco

“Why do we Germans, and almost we alone, fight Jewry so energetically? Why in the course of German history have there always been times when the German element turns against Jewry? Alfred Rosenberg, in his book The Path of the Jew throughout History, provides the answer: “There is probably no nation in Europe in which people’s inner nature is so deep, and so influential, as in the German people. In its depths, therefore, it is the spiritual opposite of the Jews…”

Despite that, the power of Jewry and its supporters grew so great in the German people that it lead to the collapse in 1918. The primary cause for this was the large increase in the population of our people, combined with growing liberal tendencies, which led more and more Germans to misperceive the fact of the racial problem, and thus become indifferent to the Jewish danger.

It is, nonetheless, false if one German or another concludes that since the Jew has been eliminated from German politics, that Jewish influence has also been entirely eliminated from our thinking and conduct. One even sometimes hears the superficial view that things are the same in other peoples of the world, since they have followed our example. That is true in only a few cases. Instead, we must remember that according to reliable statistics, there are about 16 million religious Jews in the world, 10 million of whom live in Europe alone, almost three fifths of the total. Another 4.5 million live in America, 800,000 in Asia, 530,000 in Africa, 25,000 in Australia. These figures alonge prove that the Jewish danger is particularly great in Europe. It is also clear why the dramatic growth of Jewry in America is such a danger for us. The Jew is establishing his main forces in the Western Hemisphere, from where he believes he will be able to continue to wage war against us from a secure position.

Despite the fact that he feels so secure, at least for the moment, the Jew is thinking hard about why the awakened peoples of Europe are defending themselves against him. Nothing reveals his uncertainty about the path his laws dictate to world denomination than what we often read in the works of Jewish authors.

Several hundred white nationalists and white supremacists carrying torches march in a parade at the University of Virginia. (Evelyn Hockstein for The Washington Post)

Jews and non-Jews are drawn to debates about whether Jews are white. It’s the sort of question that captivates academics and activists, roping in everyone from Israeli “Wonder Woman” actress Gal Gadot to African American literary luminary James Baldwin.

They immediately went after the Jews. At their Friday night rally at the University of Virginia, the white nationalists brandished torches and chanted anti-Semitic and Nazi slogans, including “blood and soil” (an English rendering of the Nazi “blut und boden”) and “Jews will not replace us” — all crafted to cast Jews as foreign interlopers who need to be expunged. The attendees proudly displayed giant swastikas and wore shirts emblazoned with quotes from Adolf Hitler. One banner read, “Jews are Satan’s children.”

The Astor Family. America’s first multimillionaire, John Jacobs Astor, joined the opium smuggling trade in 1816 when his American Fur Company bought 10 tons of Turkish opium and smuggled it into Canton. Seeking other sources of profit while faced with woes in the fur trade, he became the first American known to have entered the contraband Chinese opium trade and made a nice profit before abruptly exiting the business three years later.

Backed by their own governments, Western traders ignored Chinese concerns and demands, flooding the country with opium. When necessary, they enlisted their governments to back them up with military force, humiliating and humbling the empire, and getting rich in the process. Most of these traders were British, but a significant number were American, and the profits they made were the cornerstone of some of 19th Century America’s greatest fortunes.

The Righteous and Harmonious Fists (Yihequan) arose in the inland sections of the northern coastal province of Shandong, long known for social unrest, religious sects, and martial societies. American Christian missionaries were probably the first to refer to the well-trained, athletic young men as “Boxers”, because of the martial arts and weapons training they practiced. Their primary practice was a type of spiritual possession which involved the whirling of swords, violent prostrations, and chanting incantations to deities.[7] The opportunities to fight back Western encroachment and colonization were especially attractive to unemployed village men, many of whom were teenagers.[8] The tradition of possession and invulnerability went back several hundred years but took on special meaning against the powerful new weapons of the West.[9] The Boxers, armed with rifles and swords, claimed supernatural invulnerability towards blows of cannon, rifle shots, and knife attacks. Furthermore, the Boxer groups popularly claimed that millions of soldiers of Heaven would descend to assist them in purifying China of foreign oppression.[10] These beliefs are characteristic of millenarian movements of nativist resistance, especially the characteristic magical belief, shared by the Ghost Dancers of North America and the Kartelite Cults of Africa, that the believer could be rendered invulnerable to bullets.[11] 

The organization takes its name from the biblical parable of the Good Samaritan, who went out of his way to help a stranger whose life was in danger.

The Huffington Post spoke with Graham on Wednesday, and asked whether it’s possible to reconcile Trump’s temporary ban on refugees with the Christian commandment to welcome, clothe and feed the stranger, and to be a Good Samaritan to those in need.

Graham said he doesn’t believe those two things need to be reconciled.

“It’s not a biblical command for the country to let everyone in who wants to come, that’s not a Bible issue,” Graham told HuffPost. “We want to love people, we want to be kind to people, we want to be considerate, but we have a country and a country should have order and there are laws that relate to immigration and I think we should follow those laws. Because of the dangers we see today in this world, we need to be very careful.”

Charles was born in New York City, New York, the son of the Reverend John Bristed and Magdalena Astor (eldest daughter of fur-trader John Jacob Astor and Sarah Todd). He graduated from Yale College in 1839 with honors, and from Trinity College, Cambridge, England, in 1845, taking numerous prizes and being made a foundation scholar of the college.[1][2] He returned to the United States in 1847, where married as his first wife Laura Whetten Brevoort (1823-1860), sister of James Carson Brevoort.[3] His second wife was Grace Ashburner Sedgwick (1833-1897), the daughter of Charles Sedgwick and Elizabeth Buckminster Dwight, by whom he had two sons (Charles Astor, Jr. & John) and a daughter (Cecilia).

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