A Bowl Full of Lies

Shamus Dundon was with members of MY FAMILY when that killer wave came. He is removed unless he is questioned. None of his words are found in Robert Buck’s book.

Rosamond Press


Here is part of an e-mail my nephew Shamus Dundon, sent me. He is talking about a bowl that has been carved out of the solid rock by waves coming in this channel, hitting a wall, and splashing high into the air. It did this at mid-tide with moderated wind. It was high tide with a gusty wind. The brackish rust-colored pools are full of condensed salt that is refilled come high tide. You could see this plume from the house up the hill. I saw it from there. Under the right conditions this is quite a sight as Shamus said to me on the phone. Anyone hiking down to the water knew what to expect.

Christine was terrified of the ocean, yet she is the one sitting closest to it. Shamus says you can hear it, but not see it. He is a liar, because everyone in that bowl…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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