Stiff Competition

Here are folks that applied to be a member of the Marin Community Foundation board. Everyone of them would find very good reasons to disqualify me from doing almost anything. I might not be Target Shopper material. I intimidate folks with my larger than life look. I am Berkeley Bill Bolagard at the gate of the Gideon Institute. I have not taken drugs in thirty years. How many folks on this list tried LSD?

The law firm of Heisinger, Morris, and Buck concluded I was too poor and unfamous to have my seven years of sobriety be meaningful. Only the one year sobriety of my dead famous sister was important, and needed much attention by the ‘Caretaker’ who was not a member of AA. Nor did she suffer the extreme abuse all four Presco children did. Indeed, I wonder if Peter Pierrot bought our creative family legacy for his daughter. This story come true, could have been written by Victor Hugo.

That’s Marin County in back of the wreck of the Frank H. Buck oil tanker. There is no mention of a giant oil spill. No wonder I am being blackballed. Everyone is sucking up to Buck for Big Bucks – but me! I want it all. I was born in Oakland where the Bucks had a home! Frank wanted it all! Stock in Belridge Oil and Booth & Kelly was a bundled legacy. How much of B&K stock make up the Marin Community Foundation, and Buck Inst.? Peter DeFazio will be interested in this old news. You betcha!

Estate of Mrs.. Buck Valued at $940,046

Special to the Union. FAIRFIELD, Solano Co.. March 4. The inventory and appraisement in the estate of the late Anna S. Buck of Vacaville has been filed by Inheritance Tax Appraiser F. C. Mclnnis showing a total appraisement of $940,046.02, of this $36,892 being the value of realty, and over $803,000 be- ‘ ing the personal property. The personal property consists mainly of stocks and bonds, including $228,511.73 in Associated Oil stock, $193,658 in Belgridge oil stock and $lOO,OOO in the Booth Kelly Lumber company. Mrs. Buck also owned other oil stock and over $30,000 in Liberty bonds. The largest share of the estate as bequeathed by the will, goes to two sons, Leonard Buck and Frank Buck of Oakland.

That’s me at the Lane County Fair preparing the way for the Beryl Buck family legacy. Marin County is the fatted calf. Time to repair the damage Frank Buck did to our economic eco-system, when he sent his capitalist wood pirates – north! Like a wolf, he returned to the Buck Family Den, and regurgitated the spoils.

I just realized the suede jacket video is prophetic in regards to the three piece suit on hanger. The Marin Community Foundation needs to intently study me and my posts to find proof some human beings can see into the future.  This idea is at the core of Judeo-Christianity that peaches the coming apocalypse. Why spend a hundred million on longevity of life, when a hundred million Christians believe the world is coming to an end – as predicted! How many billions of bucks have been spent on this wishful thinking, instead of being spent on the poor?

Sydney Morris, a partner of Robert Brevoort Buck, called for the authoring of a biography about my dead sister, for the sole purpose of selling works of art – that are not selling! This is turning literature into an ADVERTISEMENT. This completes the crass commercialism Christine tried to rise above, for twenty years! Art is treated like pears plucked from a tree and taken to market. Artists, and their work, is rendered MONEY MAKING SCHEMES!

The Marine Foundation is turning oil profits into benevolent art projects. Money is God! God insists all His prophets be piss-poor, so, they won’t be accused of being in it for the money! Study me! Line up all those people on the list, below, and examine me!

Jon Presco

Robert B. Buck, President and Principal Owner

Bob Buck is the President and principal owner of Del Monte Aviation. Mr. Buck acquired and redeveloped Monterey’s fifty year old Del Monte Aviation in early 1996, using his more than five thousand pilot hours as a guide. Mr. Buck’s development of Del Monte Aviation followed many years of activity in real estate development, agribusiness and oil production. He is a founding partner of the Carmel law firm of Heisinger, Buck and Morris. Mr. Buck is active in charitable endeavors, now serving as Vice Chairman of the Buck Institute in Marin County, California, a medical research facility specializing in the problems of aging. He was the founding president of the Frank and Eva Buck Foundation, which grants college scholarships in Northern California and has been on the Board of the Jeffers Tor House Foundation in Carmel for many years.

“By September 2000, however, plans were underway for a biography of Decedent, which Petitioner hoped might create interest in her work. The book was published in 2002. Although the book did not spur the hoped-for interest in Decedent’s life and work, efforts continued to market the concept of a screenplay based upon Decedent’s life. Petitioner hoping that this might be brought to fruition, elected to keep the estate open. However, it is the Petitioner’s belief the likelihood of an increased interest in Decedents work is negligible, and the time has come to close the estate.”

Betty Wood of Novato, psychotherapist and Family Service Agency of Marin volunteer.

The Marin Community Foundation, one of the largest foundations in the nation with more than $1 billion in assets, administers about 400 individual and family philanthropic funds. The largest is the Buck Trust, valued at $750 million, and all grants from it are made solely in Marin. The foundation distributes about $32 million from the Buck Trust each year, and from $18 million to $28 million from the other family funds, which can be used for projects outside the county.

An outpouring of interest in a seat on the Marin Community Foundation board has swamped county supervisors with applications from 36 residents who want to help distribute philanthropic funds.

Retired executives, civic leaders, financial experts, physicians, community activists and attorneys — including Andrew Giacomini, son of departing foundation board member Gary Giacomini — are seeking the post.

Nine foundation board members distribute up to $60 million a year, much of it in Marin, for a variety of charitable, civic, art, religious and other causes.

Other applicants in the hunt include former Mill Valley mayors Robert Burton and Dennis Fisco; Robert Greber of Tiburon, former CEO of the Pacific Stock Exchange, as well as Lucasfilm; physicians Curtis Robinson and Clark Hinderleider of Mill Valley, and Joseph Elson of Tiburon, former medical director of the Haight Ashbury Free Medical Clinic; Merrill Lynch financial and nonprofit adviser George Brewster of Belvedere; Gerald Gunn of Tiburon, former executive vice president, Bank of America; Amanda Metcalf of San Rafael, former chief of the civil rights division of the U.S. Attorney’s Office in San Francisco; Kunst Bros. Painting CEO Nicholas Kunst of San Rafael; Joe O’Hehir of San Rafael, CEO of the Marin Senior Coordinating Council/Whistlestop; and political campaign activists Jonathan Frieman of San Rafael and Lynn Bornstein of Greenbrae.

Thomas Peters, CEO of the community foundation, said officials were delighted the opening attracted a “record number of applicants for any individual board seat in the foundation’s 24-year history” and added the situation “clearly indicates a widespread acknowledgement of the foundation as a valued community-based institution.”

Peters noted that “the need has never been greater for thoughtful and balanced considerations of the community good.”

The seat, one of two that supervisors’ appointees fill on the foundation board, will be at issue Tuesday morning when supervisors determine who will be invited for interviews. The board is expected to quiz a number of finalists in public Sept. 27.

Gary Giacomini, the former supervisor who was a key architect of the community foundation, is stepping down from the foundation board after serving the maximum of two, four-year terms. His appointment to the seat in 2003 and reappointment in 2007 came amid outspoken opposition from Supervisor Susan Adams, who said that Giacomini had “a lot of fingers in a lot of pies in this county.”

Foundation board member Giacomini was not available for comment, but candidates with diverse backgrounds may trigger philosophical sparks among supervisors this time as well — including debate about whether the key post should be held in the Giacomini family for another term.

Andrew Giacomini of San Geronimo, a skilled litigator who serves as managing partner of the Hanson Bridgett law firm for which his father also works, is board president of Legal Aid of Marin, among many charitable endeavors. “My family has deep roots in Marin and it is important to me to help make our community a better place for all of its residents,” he said in an application for the post.

Other applicants are:

• Allan Bortel of Tiburon, veteran Commission on Aging member.

• Diane Fiddyment of San Anselmo, former board chairwoman of Big Brothers, Big Sisters.

• Richard Gallagher of San Rafael, vice president of St. Vincent de Paul of Marin.

• Constance Heldman of Tiburon, president R/E Source Realty and teen mentor.

• Michael Holland of Novato, Marin YMCA board member and former health care administrator.

• Val Hornstein of San Rafael, founder, Hornstein Law Offices.

• Rick Keefer of San Rafael, realty broker and secretary of Marin Forum.

• Patricia Krantzler of San Rafael, co-director of the Creative Divorce Love and Marriage Counseling Center of San Rafael.

• Kyra Kuhn of San Anselmo, co-chair of the Yes Foundation that endows Ross Valley schools.

• David Kurland of San Rafael, general manager, MV Bamboo Flooring.

• Deborah Neely of Mill Valley, former owner of a database consulting firm.

• Ellen Obstler of San Rafael, former chief appellate attorney in the San Francisco city attorney’s office.

• Mike Perigo of Corte Madera, disadvantaged student specialist and partner at Bridgestone Group, which advises nonprofits on spurring social change.

• Patti Purcell McLain of Novato, principal of Bel Aire School in Tiburon.

• Bill Rehfield of Fairfax, mental health client advocate for Community Action Marin.

• Leslie Russo of Woodacre, small accounting firm owner.

• Katherine Shotwell of Novato, nurse and health care manager.

• Michael Kerry Simpson of San Rafael, former Terra Linda High School teacher, and research consultant.

• Woody Weingarten of San Anselmo, chairman of San Anselmo Quality of Life Commission.

• Sandra Macleod White of Mill Valley, nonprofit fundraiser.

• Ruth Williams of Corte Madera, program manager ZeroDivide, heading grant portfolio of micro-enterprises.

• Betty Wood of Novato, psychotherapist and Family Service Agency of Marin volunteer.

The Marin Community Foundation, one of the largest foundations in the nation with more than $1 billion in assets, administers about 400 individual and family philanthropic funds. The largest is the Buck Trust, valued at $750 million, and all grants from it are made solely in Marin. The foundation distributes about $32 million from the Buck Trust each year, and from $18 million to $28 million from the other family funds, which can be used for projects outside the county.

FORMER SOLANO RESIDENT DIES Frank H. Buck Was Capitalist, Fruit Grower and Oil Investor.
Special to tne Union. SAN FRANnsCO, March 9.—Frank Henry Buck, clubman, fruit oil man and capitalist, with Interests in many part.® of the west, died today in his apartments at the Fairmont hotel. The funeral will take place Saturday from the Ruck estate near Vacaville, Solano ocunty. Hi.s home for many years was at Vacaville, duxing whi»-h time he .served for 12 years on the board of town trustees of Vacaville and was vice president of the State Board of Horticulture. He maintained membership in the Vacaville Commercial Club, Bohemian Club, Pacific Union Club, Claremont Country Club, San Francisco Golf and Country Club, Los Angele.s Country Club, Sutter Club, the Odd Fellows and Knights Templar. Prominent for many years as an orchardist and farmer, he became interested in 1898 in the oil industry. He was one of the organizers of the Associated Oil Company, being one of the original five directors, and was vice president of the company at rne time of his death. He was also a director of the Associated Pipe Line, the Transportation Club of Bakersfield, the Bakersfield Iron Works, the Belridge Oil Company, the Rodeo I.and and Water Company, the California Friilt Distributers, the BoothKelly Lumber Company and the Frank H. Buck Fruit and Shipping Company of Vacaville. He w’as b®rn in Courtland countv. New York, June 8. 1859. On April i.’9. 1886, he was married in Vacaville to Miss Anna Elizabeth There are two children as the result of the marriage—Frank H. Ruck Jr. and Leonard William Buck.

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