De Valk – The Falcon College

My friend, Mark Gall, was the head of the Department of Education at the University of Oregon, and wrote the difninitive book on how to educate educators. If aspects of the Buck Iinstitute was relocated to Eugene, then a new book can be authored on how poor students can be bettered in a nation that is waging war on the poor. I am suggeting a Fraternity of Poor Students who can come up with solutions to student loans and lack of health insurance. Esteeming poor students is vital to changing old systems that tend to defend their status – at all cost. Such was the case of the Spanish Inquisition that came to roost in the Netherlands. I am seen as a threat when it is perceived I have not come up through the ranks, and, jumped through the hoops. The poor have long be depicted as unworthy usurpers. The Buck family has DNA ties to royalty who supported the Reformation. 1153/ To Godschalk Rosemondt Louvain 18 October 1520
Gottschalk Rosemondt of Eindhoven in Northern Brabant, matriculated
at the University of Louvain on 1499 and remained there until his
death in 1526. A doctor of divinity in 1516, he succeeded in 1520 to
the chair o f theology formerly held by Jan Briart. Like Briart he
was a personal friend of the future Pope Adrian V1. His prominent
position in the theological faculty notwithstanding , he retained an
mind towards humanists studies and a measure of sympathy for
Erasmus. This letter is addressed to him in his capacity as rector
of the university for the winter term of 1520-21 (cf Matricule de
Louvain 111-1963) It was published in the Epistolae ad diverse.In
preparation for a confrontations with the theologian Nicolass
Baechem Egmondanus, to be held in the presence of the rector,
Erasmus launches an elaborate protest against his opponent, who had
attacked him from the pulpit of St, Peter’s church on 9 and 14
cf Ep 1162s1162/ To Thomas More Louvain November? 1520
This letter give a spirited account between Erasmus and Nicolas
Egmondanus before the rector of the of the university of Louvain,
Godschlak Rosemondt. Printed in the Epistle ad diverse, it was no
doubt composed with a wider public in mind; Thomas More, to whom it
is addressed, need not have been told at length an episode of which
he was himself a protagonist. Erasmus also described the
confrontation with Baecahmen in Ep 1173:29-109

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I believe The Falcon was a contribution made by a Habsburg Monarch, thus the name. The Habsburg Castle was named “hawk’s castle” and falcon’s castle.

“Count Radbot builds himself a castle, in 1020, on a promontory overlooking the river Aar to the west of Zürich. Perhaps because of its high position, it becomes known as Habichtsburg – ‘hawk’s castle’. From this fortress Radbot’s family later acquire their name, as the Habsburgs.”

I believe I have been ordained to reconcile the split between the Protestant and Catholic religions so that God can do battle with His enemies. The Swan Brethren admitted members of the new Protestant religion. A life-size statue of William ‘The Silent’ graces the façade of their meeting hall. Godschalk Rosemondt was the executor of Pope Adrian and built ‘The Pope’s College’ as his good friend instructed. Adrian came to believe only poor boys should be raised up to…

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