The Legend of Dead Betty

The Story of Rosamnond


Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

When my grandson, Tyler Hunt, and I were doing a painting together, Patrice Hanson, looked on with disgust. This goes back to our conversation at the ruins of Jack London’s Wolf House where I told my wife -to-be, my families creative legacy was falling into the hands of outsiders, the same way London’s legacy almost came to be owned by hostile outsiders. I told Patrice I am authoring a biography, and my rivals are inventing lies in their biogrphy of my famous sister, Rosamond. All of a sudden, Patrice says;

“Are you saying our daughter got all her talent from you?”

I got angry, for this woman, who had two sons by two fathers, did not allow me to be a father for sixteen years, and did her damnedest to have Heather believe she got all her gifts from her utterly un-gifted mother, who never was an artist, poet, or, writer. Why is Rosamond’s biography – got to be all about her? Is she a Narcissist?

In two months she would kidnap our daughter. I would not hear from Heather for two years. She had gone over to the camp of  Vickie&Tom so her and her Mommy could be in Snyder’s biography of MY dead sister, Heather&Patrice never met. What the hell was going to be their contribution to ‘The Story of Rosamond’ – after they ditched me?

I did not understand this battle was not over DNA&ART,  but, over Dead Betty. At the end of this post, I include the e-mail I found yesterday about ‘Rosemary’s Granddaughter’. I had suspected Patrice was tying to tell me HER daughter was an immaculate conception. If you have never seen Fellini’s ‘Juliet of the Spirits, then I highly suggest you do. Patrice is Mary Poppins on Acid and Steroids. I have not talked to my grandson in five years. He got fill in on the Legend of Dead Betty, who only had one enemy on earth, because, without me, Heather and Tyler would not exist! What a icky concept!

In wounded families there may arise a healer. There are millions of wounded families in America, many of them suffering from the disease of alcoholism. Some of these healers enter organized religion, and declare themselves The Family Healer Via Jesus Christ. Many do not want all family members to be a Christian. They just want their little light to shine so they can be healed, and take revenge on family members who hurt them. When the Christian-right used our two-party system as a religious weapon and tool to divide the Healers from the Destroyers, our nation got very sick, and is getting sicker. We teeter on the edge of Total Destruction!

Why most Christians want Obamacare to be abolished, is to go back to the days of the Protestant Heresy, when Robert Buck’s illustrious ancestors were persecuted by the Catholic Healers, for it was ordained that only they could be Healers. What we got is tens of millions of Haters in the abolition party founded by my kindred, John and Jessie Fremont. These Haters want to hurt twenty million people – for starters! If they get their way, then this will look like the Saint Bartholomew massacre that Navarre family were victims of. This family is at the core of the Reformation.

Beryl Buck appears to have been carrying the spiritual and religious issues in her family. Accounts of Leonard Buck having a drinking problem, are gone, no longer on the internet. Why? Trying to heal people by having them live longer, may not be a religious agenda. Going after makers of alcoholic beverages, may not be a religious agenda. Educating people using secular tools, is not a religious agenda. Giving money to the poor and needy, is a religious agenda. We do not see this agenda standing out at the Buck Trust, and Foundation. Why?

Are the folks that control this Trust, Republicans? Frank Buck was a Democrat who supported the new Social Security program, and, a bill to reduce the tax on wine! Uh-oh! How does it feel Mr. Buck to have your family history put under a magnifying glass? This makes you a very topical public figure when it comes to Alcohol Justice! You can not sue me! I own your ass! I own IMMUNITY! You can not throw me off of Buck Island – again! I am taking back the Family Recovery Program your partner, Sydney Morris, sold to outsiders – after I told he had no right to do so!

“We need it, to save our lives, and the lives of others, for generations to come!”

That said, what about ‘The Legend of Dead Betty? Who is Betty?

When Patrice Hanson moved her two young sons into my apartment the day after we met, and we lay down together, she is telling me she is a Super Hippie from Chicago who gave birth to the son of a Dead Black Panther, and she knows Super Blah! Blah! Blah! of Save The Planets Food Vortex in Berkeley, and she lived on the Blah! Blah! Commune of The Holy Cosmic Waters and………..

“Are you competing with me? Sounds like you just got to win, got to defeat me. Did I tell you my sisters is a WORLD FAMOUS WOMAN ARTIST?”

By the look on matrices’ face – I WON!”

“I always wanted to be an artist, and would have been, if it were not for the sad truth my mother jumped of a cliff in Redondo Beach, and dashed her brains out on the rocks!”

“Oh! How tragic! What was her name?”

“Betty. Dead Betty! She was a schizophrenic. My father beat her black and blue!”

“I see. And this is why you wanted me to rescue your sons from your abusive husband who served time in San Quinton for impersonating Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead?”

These sons loved life at my house. I poured healing upon them around the clock. I surrounded them and their mother in protective light while Randolph DelPiano hung around outside, waving a baseball bat, threatening to dash my brains out.

When Patrice went to talk to him for two hours, and when she said she was considering going back to her ex-con and thug, I asked her to leave. Inside her womb our genetic material was dividing our genes, like crazy. When OUR BABY was born, there was a light around her. The Hippie Witch immediately put OUR BABY in the arms of the man who threatened to kill me, and cried

“Heal him! Drive the darkness out of him. Make him good and full of light and loyalty – to me! Make him mine forever!”

Two years later, Randy is – down the road! Heather is crying. Her family always knew she was my child. And now – the Great Lie Is Dead! The Hanson Family needed a good story, a healing story, in order to keep the healing child – with them! Patrice had felt guilty. She wondered about my mother – and Christine! Would they have felt joy when I announced;

“I’m a father! I will not die childless!”

Surely these Rosamond Women wanted to taste Heather’s Healing Light, and be fixed! This is when The Dark Mother invented the Dead Betty Legend. What you are going to read is what I title ‘Evil Psychiatry’. Rather than see a real shrink, or, attend an AA meeting, a child is employed to make it all work for the mentally ill parent. Patrice and her siblings are devastated by the suicide of their mother. But, rather than get professional help, they start fighting over MY CHILD – before I even know I have a child. Drunken aunt Linda really needs some Super Healing, over and over again, so she can keep on drinking – and feel good about herself. She never gave birth, and never will. My daughter was her surrogate child. She lured my child – with money! She married a drunken millionaire attorney. Heather titled her a ‘Golddigger’.

Patrice was always poor, living on foodstamps and other public grants. She knew she was losing young Heather to Wicked Linda. This is when an angel came to her rescue. Dead Betty looked down from heaven, and blessed the Family Healer, but, that was not enough. She had to find a way back to earth.

SCENE TWO: Vic Presco’s favorite bar on Piedmont Avenue. Patrice has gone there to get away from Randy. She calms her nerves with a drink. She orders another one, and, that’s when she sees me ‘Handsome Jonny’ coming in the door. This is when she hears the angelic voice of Dead Betty – loud and clear!

“Get him, my pretty! Through his loins I will come back to you. His seed will bring me back to earth. YOUR child will be a Holy Healer. She will heal all the Hansons, starting with you!”

“Oh Mommy Dearest! This was meant to be. I was feeling guilty stealing a man’s baby and giving it to the Bad Seed that served time in San Quinton. Now I understand you had a holy plan to cure me of my mental illness. Wait till I tell Linda!”

SCENE THREE: Seventeen years later, Tom Snyder pops open another can of Budweiser. He can not believe what he has just heard. Patrice had recited the whole legend, and is asking Tom if it will appear in his biography about Rosamond.

“Welllll……Ahhh!…….No! You see I got an e-mail from the Heavenly Surrogate Father, who told me he will sue me if he sees any Hanson in my book. He accused me of luring a minor child across State lines in order to have sex with Ryan (Randy) an adult, who got her pregnant – with another divine child – of course!”

“That fucking dark evil bastard! He’s the destroyer of the Holy Healing of Saint Betty! I knew I should have picked the other dude in the bar! What was his name? Joseph!”

“You can call me Joe!”

It was a conference call. Heather was lurking in the background – as usual – because she is the embodiment of Betty. There exist no Plain-born Heather. Imagine laying this shit on a child since she was two! There is nothing there, for me to claim! She’s all Patrice’s, the Blessed Womb Mother of the Twice Born Betty! The Womb of the World went nuts when Heather sang-out ‘Rosemary’s Granddaughter’.  It was TOO REAL! It was a monkey wrench in the works. It had to be undone. This is why the real Patrice composed that e-mail posing as my daughter where-in she conducts a theological argument.

Why would any sane attorney bless any biography about a very contentious person and her family, then think they are not going to be sucked in. See Morris smile, believing the conflagration will not consume him and the law firm of Robert Buck. There has to be a good reason. There is. One of Buck’s ancestors gazed upon the Mona Lisa a.k.a ‘Smiling Betty’.

“Alls well, that ends well!”

Here is a video showing the extreme religious abuse of children by their parents and the church. Children can not grasp religious concepts until they are about ten. The parents are running their need for a religious fix through innocent children, who only want to please their parents. They want to behold their children as Little Saints, free of sin. The parents are vicariously living through their children. These are Holy Stage Parents. All they want is Complete Loyalty, because they never got that from their parents! The child must pay!

When I went to Santa Rosa to behold my Wonder Child for the first time, I was shown a stack of videos taken by the many Surrogate Fathers Heather had. Since she was two, she was on stage! No way could she ever be MY CHILD, and, they both knew it! When I tried to explain what my book was about, a look of disgust appeared on their faces.

“How could you, father, even think of betraying my mommy and her holy mission!”

Dead Betty died on the cross. Fuck Rosemary! What great thing did she ever do? As far as I’m concerned, the child in Heather’s unwed arms……… a Buck Baby! This is what you get when you render THE REAL FATHER powerless, and render non-family members ‘Holy Caretakers’. Heather should have sued Peirrot, slapped a paternity suit on her, because Sydney Morris made sure she wore the pants in the family, he giving her more power than Christine Rosamond ever got, and, Saint Pierrot can not draw a stick figure, or, write a poem. She is the Papacy! The original holy family has been replaced by pretenders and usurpers. When they get stuck in a legal or literary manner, they drive another nail in my coffin, and rewrite the codex. Tom got down on his knees after he talked to Patrice, and thanked me for getting him out of her Passion Play! You owe me Tom!

The Real Bad Daddy is born! His entire family was taken from him – including his mommy!

“That asshole does not deserve a mommy, because – he does not deserve to be born! He owns not gifts, or talent. He’s no healer! He’s the anti-Christine!”

Because I suspect Heather and my family are involved in Julie Lynches evil story, I am going to blog on the legal document Heather signed when she agreed to be my Trustee. Snyder breached my copyright in regards to Bonds With Angels, that resembles Julie’s theme. Patrice, Heather, Dead Betty, Pierrot, Tom Snyder, all agree my real mother deserved what was coming to her, because, all she did was born four children, who gave birth to four grandchildren. She is smeared, and slandered. Lies are told about her – for the sake of some people making money! I can show this is a real court of law!

Lynch conjurs up Rosamond’s kindergarten teacher that had to ninety years of age. How did she find her? What school did she teach in? Here we read about the only good thing Rosemary ever did. She wanted me to be “the family artist“. Yay! That’s my Mom!

“If Christine’s parents had embraced her talent, there might be existing works from her childhood, but this was not to be. Fearing that Christine would steal her brother’s spotlight as the family artist, Christine’s mother, Rosemary, forbade Christine to draw at home. The only time she could express herself was at school or in her closet, by flashlight, when everyone else was asleep. Though we don’t have images to prove it, Christine’s kindergarten teacher has said that, by age five, Christine was already drawing with adult skill. She can remember Christine’s pictures of animals having near perfect detail and perspective.

Before the Wave: The Life Story of Christine Rosamond
Not yet released
When the idealistic artist known as Rosamond defiantly emerges from a dark childhood, suppressed by abuse and alcoholism, and rockets to worldwide fame, becoming the world’s most published painter, she discovers that her road into the light is twisted, wrought with sabotage, and at the tips of her reach.”

Because MY SISTER IN RECOVERY met Clint Eastwood on several occasions, I can communicate with my real sister. What’s that, Christine? Julie is a bloody scum-sucking parasite, the latest Gallery Gargoyle that the treacherous back-stabber, Stacey Pierrot, hired to insult her ex-boss and OUR family?

Sent: March 14, 2001 2:30:02 AM GMT
Subject: Check out Who I Am from Heather

Hello! I wanted to send you this song that just recently was
by one of my favorite country singers. Before we even got in contact
with you
I was singing this song for my mom. I changed a few of the lyrics so
it would sound like I wrote it and made it a little more true for
In the song when she says “I am Rosemary’s granddaughter” I changed
it to Betty’s granddaughter because Betty is the name of my grandma
on my Mom’s side. After I was done singing the song my mom asked me
if I wrote that song because it sounded like I was singing about
myself. I told her that I didn’t and that the song really says
Rosemary instead of Betty. This morning this song came on the radio.
I was singing along with it when all of a sudden I stopped. I turned
to my mom and said;

Mom, I am
Rosemary’s granddaughter.”
I now think this song was written about me. All
the words are totally true about myself and I am hoping to sing it
the spring concert at my school.
Any how I just wanted to share it with you. Dinner’s ready so I have
to get going. I can’t wait to talk to you tonight. I might not be at
my Mom’s house but you can call me at my house. The number is. If I
am not home you can leave a message on my machine. I have my own
so I will get it. Try mom’s number first, we may be able to just
here for your call.

Federal Alcohol Administration Act of 1935

Historical Background

The Twenty-first Amendment to the Constitution, repealing Prohibition, achieved ratification with unanticipated speed by December 5, 1933, catching Congress in recess. As an interim measure to manage a burgeoning legitimate alcohol industry, by executive order under the National Industrial Recovery Act, President Franklin D. Roosevelt established the Federal Alcohol Control Administration (FACA). FACA, in cooperation with the Departments of Agriculture and Treasury, endeavored to guide wineries and distilleries under a system based on brewers’ voluntary codes of fair competition. FACA was relieved of its burden and effectively vanished from history after just twenty months, when President Roosevelt signed the Federal Alcohol Administration (FAA) Act in August 1935 and Treasury once more found itself regulating the alcohol industry.

Although Prohibition was officially over, the era’s lingering effects continued to shape the federal policies for decades. On March 10, 1934, Justice’s Prohibition enforcement duties folded into the infant Alcohol Tax Unit (ATU), Bureau of Internal Revenue, Department of the Treasury. At the same time, Federal Alcohol Administration (FAA), functioning independently within Treasury, was carrying forward its mandate to collect data, to establish license and permit requirements, and define the regulations that ensure an open, fair marketplace for the alcohol industry and the American consumer. In 1940, FAA as an administration merged with the ATU, but the FAA Act continues today as part of the foundation of TTB’s enabling legislation.

He served as delegate to the Democratic National Conventions in 1928, 1936, and 1940.[1] In 1933, he was elected as a Democrat to the U.S. House of Representatives.[1] He served in Congress from March 4, 1933 until his death in Washington, D.C. on September 17, 1942.[1] He is credited with naming the Social Security program.[4] 

Vacans lend a hand

Locals give to those in need

By Sally Miller Wyatt/Special to The Reporter

Vacaville residents were hit just as hard by the effects of the Great Depression as the rest of the country, but they were not left to fend for themselves.

Leila McKevittLeila McKevitt, shown in her office in this 1967 photo, was the tireless leader of the Red Cross in Vacaville for several decades, incuding the years of the Great Depression.

Several area residents, already possessing years of experience working with private charities and in government service, tried even harder to help local families and businesses when the times got tough.The local chapter of the Red Cross assisted local needy families in many ways. Under the direction of Leila McKevitt, Frank B. McKevitt Jr.’s wife, the local Red Cross gathered clothing, food and bedding for the destitute and tried to secure part-time jobs for those out of work. According to “Vacaville: The Heritage of a California Community,” the Red Cross helped one family in seven by supplying the children with milk and a part-time job for the father.

The group didn’t forget the needs of those out of the area, either. In March 1933, it put out a call for help when an earthquake hit Los Angeles and flooding struck Northern California.

The Junior Red Cross, made up of school students, also lent a hand. Christmas parties organized by the youngsters were an opportunity to distribute the food packages and toys they had gathered.

The Community Chest, a national organization formed in 1931, had a chapter in Vacaville. Led by William L. Bradley, the group concentrated its efforts on distributing food and clothing and scraping together funding for community works projects, which ranged from landscaping the high school grounds to laying storm sewers and repairing sidewalks. For their labors, workers were paid $2 a day.

Frank Buck Jr.Frank Buck Jr., for 10 years an area congressman, fought for local farm aid.

Others worked to change laws to benefit the needy. Walter Schaefer, a local merchant, was the area’s spokesman for the nationwide Townsend Old Age Pension Plan, which was supposed to be a solution for both poverty and unemployment.In 1935, when Schaefer founded Vacaville’s Townsend Club, he tried to drum up support for the plan by touring the congressional district and holding many informational meetings. The idea was to raise money from a 2 percent national tax and pay citizens ages 60 and over a monthly stipend of $200 if they were retired and spent the entire sum in that month.

The Townsend Plan didn’t gain much support from economists, business owners or government officials, especially from Frank H. Buck Jr., a Vaca-ville native, prominent businessman, and the area’s local representative in Congress.

While Buck did not support the Townsend Plan, he did work very hard for Vacaville residents in many other ways. During his 10 years in Congress, he was a noted champion of area farmers. His efforts helped send federal aid to the congressional district through several programs, including Works Progress Administration projects.

In a May 1936 article in The Reporter, Buck himself highlighted his accomplishments in Washington.

Although he had been in office only four years, his efforts included focusing on securing funds for development of the Point of Stockton deep-water channel, the restoration of Mare Island and the development of the Sacramento “air depot.” As a member of the Ways and Means Committee, he said he had worked on such projects as the Federal Alcohol Administration bill, which would reduce taxes on wine by 50 percent, an anti-smuggling act and the Railroad Retirement Pension.

Buck also supported Social Security and made sure Vacaville was on the list when the government expanded its post office facilities. He said he was “nicknamed the California burglar because of (his) ability to appear before committees of Congress and get appropriations to build up different public works in the 3rd District,” the article read.

He also was credited with making sure that the Civilian Conservation Corps came to Vacaville to set up Camp Chester as part of its soil conservation efforts.

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