Rubar Sandi of the Eastern Star Prophecy

PREFACE:  I just got off the phone with Safia of the Buck Foundation. I basically told her I own a jewel encrusted glass slipper, and, was wondering if there are any feet to put it on.  I commented on the irony of her name, and, she had an accent. I asked if she saw the movie ‘The DaVinci Code’. She had. I told her the architect, Pei, designed the pyramid over the Louvre, and there is a prophecy going on. I told her the Knights Templar were in one of my proposals. Here is Rubar Sandi’s main business.

“Rubar Sandi, a Kurdish American, who was forced to flee Iraq after Saddam killed members of Rubar’s family, was one of the first back into Iraq after the invasion took place. In the thirty years, or so since Rubar came to America, he became a U.S. citizen and seized the American dream. Rubar became very successful through his own hard work, ingenuity, faith and willingness to stand on certain principles of personal integrity, honesty, loyalty to his friends and sheer determination. Rubar has experienced the American dream we all seek, but he never forgot his Kurdish home in Iraq, or the friends and family he left behind in the Northern area of Iraq known as Kurdistan. ”


The architecture of the Buck Institute is as distinctive as its science

World-renowned architect I.M. Pei was so interested in the mission of the Institute that he unexpectedy responded to a request to submit a proposal to design the research facility. Following the founder’s guidelines he designed an inspirational, meditative space that fosters creative interaction among scientists and harmonizes with the serene Marin County landscape.

Visitors taking part in docent-led tours have an opportunity to appreciate Pei’s trademark use of varied geometric elements and floating staircases, which are featured throughout both the administrative and research buildings. The Institute atrium is accentuated by a 75 foot-high skylight, similar to the Louvre Museum pyramid in Paris, which is another design of I.M. Pei’s. Indoor non-fruiting olive trees, another Pei favorite, are also featured in the atrium.

Here are my prophetic posts, made more so when I discovered the Kurd, Rubar Sandi, is on the board of the Buck Institute. My support of the Kurds alienated me from family and friends. I just talked to a woman at the Buck Foundation about applying for a grant. She directed me to their website. I told her about Royal Rosamond Press, and she said she will get back to me. I have my doubts, because the Rich and building a wall between themselves and the Poor. You have to be rich to be philanthropists. but, this may not be the case with the Buck Institute. Why can’t poor people disperse monies to poor people?

The Getty family are philanthropists and founded PlumpJack winery. That is a photo of Rubar with his wife at Cartier Chevy Chase. Perhaps the Buck Inst. needs its own winery to keep up with the Jones?

They should also send a team of scientist to take DNA of the Knights Templar buried in the walls of Belleveux. I know where others are buried. Wouldn’t that be a feather in the cap of the BI, where in the lobby we see giant DNA charts of Templars on the wall, with holograms. Are there any rose lines around? What if the Buck Institute is a secret Ark, wherein are gather bloodlines?

The sarcophagus arrived at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem on 21 September 2010 on special loan from the Louvre Museum.  It will be on display for four months in the Museum’s newly re-opened Archaeology Wing as the centerpiece of the inaugural exhibition: Breaking Ground: Pioneers of Biblical Archaeology.

Sealed with a Rolling Stone

rolling stone

A ROLLING STONE seals the tomb of Queen Helena of Adiabene in Jerusalem. Photo: Todd Bolen/

The second-century Greek geographer Pausanias compared the tomb of Queen Helena of Adiabene to the legendary tomb of Mausolus—one of the seven wonders of the world!12

Queen Helena’s tomb is entered through a small depression on the left-hand side of the porch. In antiquity a rolling stone sealed the entrance. Among the hundreds of tombs from the necropolis surrounding Second Temple period Jerusalem, only four have been found with round “rolling” stones.13

Helena’s tomb remains unsealed, and the stone is still visible. Pausanias recounts that Helena’s tomb had a magic door that opened only once a year. It may be that there once existed a mechanism that moved the rolling stone by water pressure: “A round pit that might have contained the mechanism that operated the rolling stone was cut in the vestibule floor near the entrance trench.”14 A system of weights was installed to automatically move both the rolling stone as well as a stone slab that covered the steps, which led into the interior of the tomb.15 This system was intended to keep out undesirables.

Nearly 3,000 km [2,000 miles] from Judea, east of the Tigris River, lies the ancient land of Adiabene — nowadays more or less Iraqi Kurdistan.  In Helena’s time, during the early first century CE, Adiabene was a client kingdom of the Parthians.  According to the Jewish historian, Josephus,** it was also where the remains of Noah’s ark were still visible and could be shown to anyone who was interested in such things.  

Erdogen, the bitter enemy of the Kurds, is threatening to behead people, and go after the YPG. Rubar and I need to talk. Here is Helen’s sarcophagus in the Louvre.

Jon ‘The Nazarite’


Years ago I suggested Nazarite Queen Helena of Abiabene was the Sleeping Beauty Princess, Rosamond. I have found the remnant of the Nazarite church she founded in Iraq. The Church of the East has its roots in Adiabeni a place associated with the Magi – who followed a star! Queen Helena and her Nazarite sons fought Rome for Zion, and lost. Zionist co-founded Israel. There is a Greater Battle coming, greater then all it’s divided parts. Saladin was a Kurd. I have been very supportive of a Kurdish Nation. I own a religious solution. It has taken me thousands of lonely hours to unearth that which has been buried. When all but one, deserted me, I knew the Truth was coming near.

Scouts and Knights of the Swan

kurds10 bellv2 bellv5 belv9 templarfont6 templarfont8tamalpais4 koban6


ISIS titles the forces that oppose it “crusaders”. This is a lie. My ancestors were Crusaders, Knights Templars, as well as Teutonic Knights. Only the Pope can call for another Crusade.

Above is the resting place of my Rougemont kindred at Belleveux. These Templars owned the Shroud of Turin that I believe we found on the Fourth Crusade. I have been told I resemble the shroud image that may have found its way to Fontenotte and the Templar church.

My kindred were also members of the Swan Brethren. Below is the oldest surviving Dutch painting show members of the Rover family as Knight of Saint George. The Rovers went on Crusade. Members of a Dutch motorcycle gang have gone to Syria to fight ISIS.

On this day, I ring the Templar bell and summon brave men and women to join the revived Jessie Scouts, and the newly founded Order of the Swan Knights. ISIS has sanctioned slavery and the sexual abuse of children. They claim they are bringing Armageddon to the world, but, it is time for real Warriors to bring this nightmare to an end.

The Jessie Scouts was founded by my kindred, John Fremont, and named after his wife, Jessie Benton. Fremont was the first to free the slaves in America. Above is a photo of Mount Tamalpais which means “Sleeping Maiden”. I camped her with my Muse who is at the core of my autobiography ‘Capturing Beauty’. Consider ‘Sleeping Beauty’ and the beautiful Kurdish women fighters who have stopped the advance of ISIS, the first warriors to do so. They are welcome to join the Jessie Scouts, who wore a white scarf.

The Pentagon has given a name to my nations war with ISIS


Here we find the word INHERIT. In resolve we find the words ROSE and LOVERS. People who are free, find beauty in the world. Monsters find no beauty in the world, and enjoy enslaving others who they deem not one of them. Death to all who create ugliness. Death to the enslavers of the free!

Jon the Nazarite


After more than two months of airstrikes against the Islamic State, the Pentagon has given its operation against the militant group a name: Inherent Resolve.


A Star on Rose Mountain

ko34 koba14 koba15TURKEY SYRIA BORDER CONFLICT koba11 koba12

kurd 018It is not easy being a Seer and Prophet.

My call to Rose Mountain began with my review of ex-wife’s Apocalyptic art, and my declaration that her ex, Thomas Pynchon, was not the champion of the hippie/beat movement. Thomas never had a clue what was going on in the Women’s Movement, and Mary Ann, took herself out of the picture.

In getting to know Kurdish men and women who have become my Facebook friends, I am astounded to discover  the Radical Ideas of the 60s are alive and well. Rena, Joan, and Mimi Baez look like the women fighters of the PKK. A month ago an apology from Rena, was felt, heard on a level I spend much time on. As an abused child, I do not want her to miss the Great Battle of Rose Mountain.

I had placed a Spartan helmet on her Aries head. To see these Kurdish women doing the Pyrrhic Dance that the Spartans adopted, was to be raised up to a paramount place in history, where only heroes and heroines may climb, to plant their brave banners.

For weeks I lamented at the sight of that black flag over Kobane after having a vision of the flag I designed for the Alliance, waving there. A day ago, that symbol of evil was struck, and a new flag did wave!

Come to Rose Mountain!

Jon the Nazarite

Kurdish fighters have launched an unlikely comeback against Islamic State terrorists besieging the Syrian town of Kobane, amid claims the resistance forces have now reclaimed swathes of the city.

Images this morning showed Kurdish YPG soldiers triumphantly raising their flag above Tel Shair hill in the west of the city, where ISIS’ own black jihadist flag had recently been flying.

Assisted by sustained U.S. and Arab airstrikes, the massively outgunned Kurdish troops have managed to do what looking impossible only a week ago – force ISIS to abandon strategic locations in the west of Kobane and pin them back elsewhere in the city.

The news comes as the Kurdish forces aim to solidify their gains by rounding up hundreds of young men in the area around Kobane in order to press them into compulsory military service.

Meanwhile the U.S. has intensified airstrikes against ISIS targets in and around the city, carrying out 21 bombing raids over the last two days on vehicles and buildings in the terror group’s hands.“

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    In 1990 I began my theological book ‘Where Art Thou’ that is the search for the orgional Church that I traced to the Kurds. I had Kurdish friends on Facebook that are gone after Erdogan cracked down on them. The Buck Institute is now in the mix.

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