Sober Family of the World

I am working on a proposal for Alcohol Justice. Above is a photo of my childhood friend talking to her good friend, Ken Babbs, in front of the mural of their good friend, Ken Kesey, painted on a wall in Springfield Oregon a city built by loggers who worked for Frank Buck. Snyder’s lying biography depicted Christine’s sobriety as a utter failure, and does not mention I had ten years sobriety when Morris sold our creative sober family legacy to the so called ‘Caretaker’ who depicts my family, and Rosamond, as COO-COO! This is nurse Ratchet, who defrauded the estate and the art world. I am kin to Carrie Fisher and many members of PlumpJack.

Vicki Presco never had another drink after I took her to an AA meeting in 1992. Mark Presco tried AA, but, quit on his own. We hippies were against using alcohol and heroin. My friends were dismayed when I became an alcoholic. we did not know it is a hereditary disease, and not the legal excuse to take what we suffered to make, and give it to liars who used our twelve step program to make money.

Last month, I ran into my childhood friend, Nancy Hamren-Van Brasch at a retreatant. The overheard me telling my waitress I would be her sponsor until she found one. Nancy was Bill Arnold’s girlfriend when they were teenagers. She asked me about Bill’s sister, Vicky Arnold, who bid me to get sober in in 1986. Nancy bid me to write the history of the hippies when I visited her ast the Springfield Creamery owned by Chuck and Sue Kesey.

Nancy was present at my graduation at Serenity Lane. My sister Christine Rosamond, lived with in our famous SF commune paid for by Betty Zorthian the ex-wife of Beryl Zorthian a muralist that was inspired by my kin Thomas Hart Benton. The Zorthians own Buttonwood winery. Alcohol Justice did an article about how many family wineries were conglomerates in disguise. I suggest Bruce contact those real families and see if they want to help. If heroin addiction comes to Europe, the damage will be astronomical. We need powerful messages – now!

Here is Nancy talking with her good friend, Kenny Babbs who is in the famous photograph taken at Olompali. She has bee clean and sober for forty years. Nancy lived with Mountain Girl’s brother on the Kesey Ranch. She was married to Jerry Garcia.

In 1967 I fell on the rocks at McClure’s Beach, and went into shock. My two friends built a fire next to me, and revived me. I knew members of Eternal Love and the top LSD manufacturers. I became a follower of Meher Baba, and began to speak out against the use of all drugs. I showed Rena on Tam another way. Rena became my famous sister’s muse after seeing photographs of the painting I did of her. I started drinking heavily in Boston after the Mafia made an attempt on my life. I declared myself a Nazarite in 1998.

I am going to propose to the Buck Foundation that they create a Clean an Sober Olompali  where the heroin and alcohol epidemics can be discussed by people family with the use of drugs, because they once used and promoted them. This approach has worked miracles with the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous, Bill and Bob. Sydney Morris and Stacey Pierrot invented their personal Twelfth Step, which was to make sure Larry Chazen of PlumpJack all the $94,000 dollars he wanted as No.1 Creditor. Why would Chazen, the No.1 creditor, try to become executor of Rosamond’s legacy. TAX EVASION! Chazen set Noble Oil up in the Cayman Islands. He was my father’s private lender. Vic introduced me and his two daughters to alcohol. He took us to bars to get drunk.

“The land and estate was eventually sold by the Burdell family to Court Harrington. Harrington in turn sold it to the University of San Francisco, to be used as a Jesuit retreat.”

Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these Steps, we tried to carry this message to alcoholics, and to practice these principles in all our affairs.

When I put together the vile things they said about a world famous artist who died on her first sober birthday – you will gasp in horror! In my only conversation with Morris, of Heisinger, Morris, Rose, and Buck, he said this to me;

“I hear your sister was a real pain in the ass!”

The Country fair is just wrapping up.

I just took a walk and ran into my neighbor I have not seen for months. She told me she has been reclusive due to the death of family members due to a sneaker wave. I met her grandson. I told her I had just blogged on my sister, and she said;

“Then you know how I feel!”

Morris denigrated an alleged victim of such a wave. Chazen own two restaurants in Carmel. Bruce told me many will die to the 4:00 A.M. closing time. Most of them will not be drunk, and not know what hit them!

“One moment, Jayson Thomas was on the Oregon beach with his 3-year-old son. The next, they were gone, swept away by a “sneaker wave” as his wife looked on.
The man and his boy were but the latest to be lost to a sneaker wave, which are prevalent in the Pacific Northwest. A leading expert says there needs to be greater awareness to prevent future tragedies.

Jon ‘The Nazarite’

The Blacks and Burdells[edit]

In 1863 the land and adobe house passed from James Black to his daughter Mary (Black) Burdell and her husband Galen Burdell, a wealthy dentist.[3][5] Mary’s son James transformed Olompali into a country estate, he built a 26-room mansion with a formal Victorian-style mansion that incorporated the foundations and rooms of Ynitio’s adobe house.[4][6]

Jesuit retreat, commune and state park[edit]

The land and estate was eventually sold by the Burdell family to Court Harrington. Harrington in turn sold it to the University of San Francisco, to be used as a Jesuit retreat.[4][5]

“During the 1960s, the University of San Francisco sold Olompali several times. Each time, the buyers defaulted and the property reverted to the university. The most famous tenant was the rock band Grateful Dead. During the Dead’s brief stay it became a gathering place for San Francisco’s rock musicians, including Janis Joplin and Grace Slick.”[4]

In 1967 Don McCoy leased Olompali, and started a hippie commune there called The Chosen Family.[7] By February 1969 the Burdell Mansion had been destroyed by an electrical fire, a fatal car wreck had been caused by the commune’s loose animal, narcotics raids had been conducted by authorities, and Don McCoy had been placed in a mental ward.[8] Two small children then drowned on the commune, after which the residents were evicted by their Jesuit landlords.[9] Finally, in 1977, the State of California purchased the land and turned it into the state park.[4][5]

The Battle of Olompali was a skirmish on June 24, 1846 between a force of Mexican soldiers and Sonoma rebels waving a flag with a bear on it. It happened near Ynitia’s adobe house. A Mexican soldier was killed by the Bear flaggers, the Mexican-American War cranked into high gear, California became part of the United States, and the bear image became the state symbol. – See more at:

1978 The Big Sur Land Trust was founded when fewer than a dozen families came together to ensure that Big Sur’s beauty and quality of life would be preserved for later generations.  Around kitchen tables and over potluck dinners, they decided that a land trust should be established to preserve the unique culture and environment of their community.
Larry Chazen grew up in Iowa. He was educated at the University of Colorado where he earned a B.A. in Accounting and Law degree. His career focus has been as an investment manager and advisor. Larry is both a CPA and a member of the California Bar and, since 1994, has served on the Board of Noble Corporation – a Fortune 500 company. He is an owner of the Carmel Restaurant Group, which includes Grasing’s and Kurt’s Carmel Chop House restaurants. Larry and his wife Cece (who grew up in Pacific Grove) live in Carmel and have three children and two grandchildren. Larry enjoys hiking and travel.

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