This Spuds – For You!

On Frog Mountain I discovered that all roads lead to Rena. No matter where she be, her Seekers will find her……..The Sleeping Maiden of Rose Mountain. Above, is our road to the beach, the other place I took Rena to swim. Would she let me in, there?

When Rena emerged from the tent to get her first Continental Breakfast, there was a halo around her head and a smile on her face. Alas we had consummated our Destiny together, but, our love making was subdued and gentle. She wanted me to move my hips as little as possible. She told me she did not want to cry out, have our love-making be overheard thru the thin walls of the tent. At the Frog Pond, I assured her we were all lone, as we were on Tam.

‘There’s not a soul within a mile of us!” I said, and, then it occurred to me, she did not know me, and thus, did not trust me – yet. Then came our conversation at the waterfall.

“No one has ever talked to me before. You are the first one.”

As Rena licked her whiskers with the back of her paw, I got my drawing pad and paper ready to do my first masterpiece of my Muse. What can go wrong, now? That’s when I spotted him out the corner of my eye as he quietly emerged from the bushes. He was wearing cut-offs, sandals, and a neckless. He had a big potatoe in his hand. He approached, with caution. He knew men in the ccompany of gorgeous women can be very possessive, very territorial.

With a grin on his face, he is making stabbing motions with his spud.

“Oh look Rena! Here come a mad man from the forest who intends to do me in with a vegetable so he can have you all to himself. Do you think he is a vegetarian, and, has been riled with the smell of frying pork meat”?

I looked at my wide-eyed beauty who was even more aglow at seeing what she really came to California to see – a Holy Man! And, I got it! He had come to Frog Pond to meditate, he on a mission of some kind. He had taken a vow of silence, guessed I.

He now stood by our fire and made motions that said he wanted to put his big patato in Rena’s fire. How did he know she was a red-hot Aries? He only pretended to look at me. He could not get his mind off what he saw as he lurked in the bushes. He awoke to the tinkle and chime of her beautufl laughter. Then, he brought back the veil of the forest, and almost had a heart attack – with holy halo and aura!

Now his dirty hand came at me, his fingers making the sign of the claw. He got closer, and closer……to my pencil!

“Oh look! He wants to use your pencil to write on your pad of paper. Give it to him. I want to hear, I mean, read, what he has to say!”

I threw my No.4 down on the table, in disgust!


“Don’t be such a party-pooper!”

Rena read out loud what he wrote;

“My name is Totu Sahd Mingu. I am a Buddhist monk, come to Frog Mountain to observe a week of total silence. I am not allowed to make fire. Because I took a vow  of poverty, I only brought potatoes to eat. After two days I am bored with my diet. Can I put my potatoe in your fire?

P.S. I did not hear your loud love-making. I had a good nights rest.”

Beccause I do not recall exactly what Rena’s personal guru and trainer looked like. I am holding a contest. Pick one!

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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  1. Reblogged this on Rosamond Press and commented:

    Rena was seventeen when I took her to the top of Moun Tamalpias which means “sleeping maiden”. You can see her profile.

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