Gnostic Templar Brexicution

It’s all about him!

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I just don’t know where to get started today! All my favorite topics – are at bat! What a line up! Let’s start with a Family Feud over Art! What can I say? My daughter, Heather Hanson, was a tenacious and cunning contestant for the Rose of the World Art, and did come away with some Rosamond prints – and no father! Hurrah for Team Hanson! And, where is our Fair Muse, Rena of the Isles? In a tower in Bozeman reciting a thousand poems that could save England, if she only knew. She sounded the pipers to muffle my Bohemian cry as I was led to the gallows.

What would Princess Di have to say about Brexit, the Great Divorce and Break-up that has dwarfed her divorce from the Royal House of Wiudsor – and Britain! Then there is the sale of the lighthouse at Noss Head, that…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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