ISIS and Armstrong’s Vision

I have been HANDED a revelation about ‘The Hand of God’. This revelation will be published on my blog in the form of historic-fiction. Study Herbert Armstrong.

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ISIS and the Evangelicals want the same thing according to several articles I found on the web. When Herbert Armstrong was alive, ISIS did not exist. In many respects they have picked up the gauntlet, are fulfilling Armstrong’s vision. Grant Wood alas wrote the definitive article that this blog has been covering for years.

Jon ‘The Nazarite’

The dajjal, an Antichrist-like figure, will arise from Persia—conveniently, ISIS’s current nemesis, Iran—and defeat most of the caliphate. The remainder will retreat to, you guessed it, Jerusalem.

And then? Remarkably, the figure who will save the caliphate is none other than Jesus, who will kill the dajjal and enable the caliphate to re-form.

This may sound familiar—because it is. It is very close to the Christian apocalyptic narrative. Indeed, as a student of millennialism for some time (my dissertation was on a false messiah), it was shocking to see the congruence between the…

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