Meet Captain Victim’s Private Lender

Larry Chazen was a partber of Christine Rosamond in the first gallery. “The nonprofit’s board chose Alcohol Justice from three alternatives a branding consultant penned.
The organization, one of the Buck Trust’s three major beneficiaries, focuses on research, education and campaigning through mainstream and social media nationwide.
While not anti-alcohol, the organization keeps a close eye on the alcohol industry, going after products or advertising campaigns it believes pose a threat to public safety and health, Livingston said.

Rosamond Press

Republicans have come to the rescue of Bankers, claiming demonstrators are victimizing them. I posted the following Feb. 27, 2010 when I conducted a war against bankers all by myself.

Here is my voice and imgage. I ask about live-streamig, and am the guy in Santa hat.


Meet Captain Victim’s Private Lender

Meet my mortal enemy, Lawrence Chazen, one of the greedy monsters who helped
Bankrupt America. He was Garth Benton’s good buddy and Vic’s private lender. Vic
discribed Chazen as “a top financial advisor for the Getty family.”
Chazen was investigated by Andrew Cuomo of HUD for loan sharking, he threatening
to take the home from a black grandmother in Oakland where I grew up. I went to
school with her grandchildren. As fate would have it you can see this woman’s
son, Willie Aiken, in Mark’s High School football team photo. This article
appeared in the Examiner…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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