What They Say About Rose Line

Rosamond Press

Below is a video of Margaret Starbird who belonged to the same Knight Templars group as I. Ian Sinclair launched a campaign to get me out of that group after I challegned Margaret on her Nazarite history. I was made out to be mad for saying I am a member of my own Rose Line found found in my genealogy – that is just as valid as any line put forth in so many – works of fiction!

I was evicted from the group.

Here are what other folks say about Rosamonde the Mother of the Kings of France, and Godfrey de Bouillon.

Jon Presco

Rose Line is a fictional name given to the Paris Meridian and to the sunlight line defining the exact time of Easter on the Gnomon of Saint-Sulpice, marked by a brass strip on the floor of the church in the Priory of Sion mythology, where…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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