Deborah the Nazarite

Deborah the Nazarite Bee

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    Deborah means bee . she was a PROPHETESS who Judged Israel around 1316 B.C. She lived UNDER THE PALM TREE of Deborah, between Ramah and Bethel in Mount
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    Deborah means “bee”. she was “a PROPHETESS who Judged Israel around
    1316 B.C. She lived UNDER THE PALM TREE of Deborah, between Ramah and
    Bethel in Mount Ephraim, Judges 4, 5, which, as palm trees were rare
    in Palastine, “is mentioned as a well-know solitary landmark.” She
    was not so much a Judge as one gifted with prophetiuc command, and by
    virtue of her inspirtation ” a mother of Israel” “Deborah’s title
    of “prophetess” includes the notion of inspired poetry, as in Exodus
    15:20.” Smith’s Bible DictionaryHere we zoooooooooooooom-in to behold the birth of Mary’s son under
    the palm tree that drops its dates on her as she labours. Here is
    another mother of Israel giving birth to a great prophet, but,
    because Deborah was a Nazarite/Judge, then one must wonder why it is
    not made clear that Jesus is a Nazarite. IF HE WAS, and this is what
    is being hidden for two thousand years, then we have solved the
    riddle. BUT, I don’t think that is the problem the Catholic chruch
    has been holding deep inside that they hope will never see the light
    of day, being, the Merry under the Palm, is Elisheba-Mirriam, the
    mother of “the greatest prophet born of woman” as Paul’s Jesus
    discribes his cousin, I long wondering what woman he was referring
    to – in general, or was it a slap, an implotaion from the practiced
    hater of all women, Sainten Saul/Paul of Tarsus, who claims he
    destroyed the original church “with glee” – that once had Nazarite
    Prophetess leading the ceremonies! Welcome home!

    And I just have to laugh, at the commotion going on at the Prieure-de-
    Sion, this moaning and logical groaning from these Big Bone-headed
    Bumble Bees who are still trying to give birth to that ‘Imaculate
    Logic’ that was promised them, that is not forthcoming. They are
    still chewing on the bone Karen threw in their monkey-shine, they no
    longer owning the teeth (Tooth) to get to the marrow of the matter,
    for the the Chrutch of Men long ago divided the Sons and Daughters of
    God-El into two camps, the logical and illogical, lest we Recover our
    Angelic language that had “overcome the world”.

    I suspect Nazarites had halos, as they meditated within the circle
    of Helios/Apollo/Sanson/Robi/Taliesin/Moses/Zeus
    drawn in the silicon dust, and they were the Guardian Angels of the
    infant Zeus who was taught to finger-sign by Cherion the
    Scythian/Tocharian Centaur, who was born in the saddle. Consider the
    Merovinians were buried with the severed head of a horse. The badge
    of the Merovingians is a Mermaid combing her hair while look in a
    mirror. But, this is not a comb she is holding, but a plectrum, used
    to pluck a lyre. So, riddle me this, who is the royal-double this
    Maid-Merrium beholds in her looking glass? Is she from a long line
    of ‘Hair-dressers’? I laugh for joy, rather then, mock!

    Jon Presco

    Copyright 2001

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