Victoria of The Dark Advantage

Tom Snyder titles my sister, Victoria Presco, the hero of his lying biography ‘When You Close Your Eyes’. This is because she forsake The Trust of our sister and her Last Wishes, that her daughters inherit her creative legacy and carry it forward. Shannon Rosamond was 28 when Christine took her life, and Drew Benton, was 8. The wicked divorce between Garth and Christine was just finalized. I will look into the court files to see if Garth got screwed. I believe there was a custody case.

When Vicki took $60 thousand dollars from a joint bank account with her husband, whom she may still be married to, she ran to our father. Ken Prather was a psycho who had people in his corner who wanted to kill Vic’s favorite child. Vicki joined the Navy to hide. When she got out, she formed a partnership with her father and Christine.  The world famous artist known as ‘Rosamond’ took the top photo of her business partners right after they signed a agreement.

Tom Snyder demonizes me, he suggesting I am ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ who the Demon Mother blessed to be world famous, and at the same time forcing Little Christine into a closet to paint and draw her little heart out. When my brother heard Vic’s nother was dead, he asked what became of her legacy. Christine gleefully annouinced;

“I got it all!”

Well that was a lie, because The Rosamond Publication partners got it all. But, before they did, I showed up……. ‘The Dark Pretender’. Vic told my sister’s I was not his son, but the product of Rosemary’s sexual betrayal of Father Greatness, who reminds me of Trump. I could never be loyal to Victor, and thus…….. His Beloved Girls.

When Vicki told Christine I was in town for my annual visit to my pretend family, she came up with a scheme to get rid of me. Vic’s Beloved Girls told me my First Flame was trying to get hold of me, and gave me her number. I called up Marilyn, and drove up to Oregon to see her. Just in case I came back, Christine sent her daughter Shannon over to stay with Mr. Great. While drinking together, Shannon was forced to run in the bedroom and lock the door. The Giant kicked the door down and had sex with his granddaughter, who he claimed was coming on to him.

With two years of sobriety, I called up Christine, and she said;

“This is none of your business. Stay out of it!”

“Excuse me! Vic is my grandfather, and Shannon, my niece.”

There was a long silence. Two months after ‘The Great One’ was dead, I went and looked at Melba’s Will, because Vic was telling me he was very disappointed Vicki did not tell her brothers his mother was dying. I realized he was lying. Vic told me his mother left it all to her son so she could invest in Rosamond’s art, and increase the monies Melba intended for all four Presco Children.

Melba’s first Will had these  bold words written on it………


I watched a couple of episodes of ‘Game of Thrones’ that is based upon ‘The War of the Roses’, and got bored silly!

Jon Presco

Copyright 2017



“Meet my mortal enemy, Lawrence Chazen. He was Garth Benton’s good buddy and Vic’s private lender. Vic described Chazen as “a top financial advisor for the Getty family.” Chazen was investigated by Andrew Cuomo of HUD for loan sharking, he threatening to take the home from a black grandmother in Oakland where I grew up. I went to school with her grandchildren. As fate would have it you can see this woman’s son, Willie Aiken, in Mark’s High School football team photo. This article appeared in the Examiner in 1995 and hence I tried to warn people these crooks were collapsing our economy. I am a true prophet.”

As I type, President Obama is asking oil companies to end their tax havens, and pay more taxes. Chazen is the Director of Noble-Swiss, and Noble-Cayman. He is an expert at setting up tax shelters. He did this for the Getty Oil family who are buying up all the images on the internet.

After Grarth and Christine Benton formed a family partnership with Vic and Vicki, they formed a partnership with Lawrence Chazen in the first Rosamond Gallery in Carmel – where the family partnership prints were sold! Vic and Vicki got nothing! Chazen was the biggest creditor in the Probate, and the Bankruptcy Christine filed after filing for divorce. I filed a claim larger then Chazen’s so I could keep my families Artistic Legacy in the family, because it was being sold to an outsider – who lied to me about the family prints, she saying she had nothing to do with them.

The image of the four black girls is titled ‘Lena and Her Sisters’ . Lena was our black maid who treated us like her own children. The movie ‘The Help’ is about these anonymous bonds that Christine honored in 1986.

Victor’s best friends in high school sat atop the pyramid building in San Francisco as CEOs of TransAmerica Title, and were dismissed because of involvement in realestate loan scams. Chazen is a partner with most members of the Getty family, as well as the Pelosi’s, and Newsoms, in the PlumpJack. This is a family-like affair. This is the real history of a world famous artist, that many rich and powerful people do not want you to see. This is why Artist Anonymous was born – and unborn!

I have seen the light! I am the poor Bohemian Artist who has met his beloved Muse! And, we will set you free!

Jon Presco
Copyright 2011


I am a member in good standing of the State Bar of California and an attorney
on record for 50% interest in Shannon Rosamond. In my 16 years as a member of
the State Bar California, I have never experienced a more deliberate fraud on
any court or more reckless and calculated attempt to fraudulently take control
of a probate estate at the exclusion of the lawful heirs and total manipulation
of a tester’s intent that the present efforts of Attorney’s Robin Beare,
Lawrence J. Chazen and Garth Benton, the descendants former spouse.”

“Over the specific argument of Ms. Beare, Judge Silver refused to appoint Mr.
Chazen. Neither Ms. Beare nor Mr. Chazen disclosed to the court the very
critical fact that Mr. Chazen has the largest single creditor’s claim against
the estate and is a former business partner and business associate of Garth
Benton who the court had removed as Special Administer just moments before.”

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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