Pilate’s Seal on Jesus’ Tomb

All of Christianity is now going to lose your Savior, because so many Christians are responcible for putting Trump in the White House. There are consequences. Repent!

Rosamond Press



tombstoneNew Testament Writers claim Pontius Pilate affixed his seal to the tomb of Jesus to prevent any trickery by his disciples, but, this is trickery in itself, because without this seal – there is no proof that Jesus rose from the dead – or what have you!

Pilate was no stupid man – and he was a real person. Not so most of these phantoms Paul invents to lurk about and destroy the first church and – the truth.

“Wait a minute. If I put my seal on this tomb, and post my Roman soldiers as guards, then, if this Jesus dude gets out of that tomb via trickery – then I am left holding the bag! Indeed, it could be said I am a secret supporter of this rebel, and am guilty of sedition. For suggesting this fraudulent idea to me, I am going to have you crucified –…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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