The Vinelands of Cascadia

We have entered White Psycho World. President Trump has opened the Gates of Hell, and the Silver Shirts of Vineland, pour out.

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The beautiful weavers in the tower may be weaving a Utopian Overlay, a new mantle of the Northwest where Thomas Pynchon installs a Hip Utopian Scene much like Cascadia. I have not read ‘Vineland’. I have not read a book in twenty years. I am too busy working the Google Woof and Weave Machine that keeps dealing me these Cards that dictate the design of a Flying Carpet that will get me there when I get there – on Pueblo Time!

Study these ideas, that are latitudes and longitude THREADS! What is in a word? THREAD…READ…RED…HEART…HEARD.

How many people read Pynchon novels, and, why do they read them? How many understand them? How many readers believe Thomas is taking them to the Promised Land, and, is like the Wizard of Oz, who appears to be a fraud, but in the end, produces?

Above is the Wieneke coat of arms depicting…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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