My Brother Had Painting of Rena

I think my brother is hiding out in Montana.

Rosamond Press


My brother came to own my large painting of Rena after betraying me. He is not a artist, poet, or writer. He is a Nazi. Richard Spencer may have read Mark’s racist rants written nine years ago.

Jon Presco

Mark Presco – Racist Hater of Women

My brother bases his racial superiority on the idea white folks are rugged individualists whose core ambition is to amass wealth they reluctantly share with no one, because having money makes white people unique. One need only look at Nazi films to see Mark Presco is full of shit.Being a individualist made you an enemy of the Nazi Race. Good Germans did not stand out, march to a different drummer. As for White Money Earning Power, you could go look for a job – after you kick the crap out of the Commies!

As for…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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