Fox Fire Revisited

Last week I met a bright man named David. We had a very interesting talk. I told him about the science fiction novel I began in 1986, that was coming true. There was an urgency on my part. I told him we are running out of time. As it turns out he is friends with Jeremy Dundon, who freaked out about the Fox Fire we beheld in the woods that coincided with the action story I was telling the children, because they got bored!

The adults sat around the camp fire with the cellphone toys and showing off their knowledge. They did not bring any board games for the young people. Jeremy is a computer whiz that works at Syntac. He does not believe in a psychic world. He is addicted to The Game of Thrones which I will discuss next. I bought a Parcheesi game at a yard sale, and was amazed to see these young minds analyze it and invent strategy. They were used to computer games. They loved the multidimenssionality of this game.

David describes in much detail his quest to own spiritual belief. Later, his words inspired this ap………..”How to own comfortable blind spots and tunnel vision for beginners and seasoned veterans.” Instead of swimming upstream to spawn, one heads in the other direction. He, or she, who ends up with the LEAST INFORMATION……..wins!

A week later, a malware attack took many people’s information – hostage! What the folks behind the Virus wanted  was – MONEY! Syntac wants MONEY. Those who work for Syntac want MONEY. David owns a company, and wants MONEY. He sent me this disappointing example of The Tunnel Vision of the Smart………..

“Money talks!”

I was very disappointed. I told him about the home for sale I saw in Coos Bay. Alas I saw something I wanted, and wished I had $85,000 dollars.

At the Dundon Family campsite the adults put on blinders and pretended their children didn’t exist. They believed they had the right to do this, because it’s time to relax, after making MONEY all year!

Then, from my pocket, I produced THE EYEBA LL! Daivd has an eyeball on his website. He owns a company he hopes will make him MONEY. He poo-pooed my ‘American Volenteer Tax’. He probably texted Jeremy and asked his opinion of me!

“Stay away from him! He is a nut! Do not listen to him. He is a danger to people like us. He is…….VIRUS!”

MONEY is the virus. Adults have long ruled the world on this formula: Children and Women are not allowed MONEY. They have to fight in order to be PLAYERS. To see Trump ‘The Fighter’ destroy the world because he used to be a MONEY PLAYER, proves my theory. If he and his family would just give up THEIR WANT OF MONEY, then they would be part of or Democratic Society, where in theory, all are created EQUAL!

Jeremy is a Egghead, who has own a annoying way of looking down his nose at people. He is awarded MONEY to do this. The company he works for builds walls in order to protect computers. He may lose his job in the next attack. The internet is no longer free. We click on something and are bombarded with pop-up ads that attack our BLINDERS. The WANT OF OUR MONEY, interferes with our beloved TUNNEL VISION. Our children want our money! We are nothing but Gumball Machines to them. These computer morons will NEVER hire a whacked out crazy artist. Why? ANSWER: We don’t have a price! We give our shit away – FOR FREE!

What got the young folks jazzed was that the Parcheesi game did not have to be plugged into the electricity the ADULTS PAY FOR, thus they own no power over them – for the time being! What freaked everyone out was the Fox Fire, for Jeremy had convinced everyone he was The Magical Wizard Computer Chip Man’. He never convinced me of that as long as I have known him. He owns a very limited imagination.

My book has a way of defeating The Gideon Computer that I am afraid to reveal, because, it may fall into the wrong hands, or…………..devour all our MONEY, like Pac Man! A young man saved the world from a more devastating attack on our computers by registering the malware as his domain.

Did David pretend he saw no merit in my American Volunteer Tax that would allow everyone who owns MONEY to be a PLAYER in our Democracy? I have registered a domain that allows me to control how much MONEY government agencies get. If ten million people donated ten dollars a month, that would amass a huge PILE OF MONEY. If I come in as a church, I will be UNTOUCHABLE!

We Hippies invented the Internet in order to defeat THE MONEY GAME, not magnify it. My AVT goes around the VOTING AGE BARRIER that created the Krell Monster of the MONEY ID. Yesterday I clicked on a news item, and was thrown into a bullseye of ads, that began to close, get narrower and narrower. THEN, it brought up BIG BERTHA that flew in my face! I was in a MONEY FRACTAL. I was not convinced to buy any of THEIR shit. The MONEY ATTACK, failed.

I think 90% of the people are not buying. Thus, this MONEY MONSTER generates it own money. It’s all make-believe, until the attack two days ago. Of course we want the monster to change its way, and zap all the ads that pop up at us – all to hell! Even, our ads?

What came thru the Krell Metal was the IDea WE OWN NO COLLECTIVE MORALITY. Once again……….GOD IS DEAD!

Jon Presco

Hutchins, a British cybersecurity researcher, has been credited with stopping the WannaCry ransomware attack‘s spread from a small bedroom in his parent’s house. The Telegraph reports that he lives in a seaside resort on the north Devon coast.

Photos emerged on Sunday night of Hutchins’s self-assembled IT hub, which consists of computer servers, at least three monitors, and video games. Other images reportedly show the self-taught coder at DefCon in Las Vegas, which is a renowned conference for the hacking community.

The researcher — who is known as MalwareTech on Twitter and has been described as an “accidental hero” — registered a garbled domain name hidden in the malware to track the virus, unintentionally halting it in the process.


I’ve finally found enough time between e-mails and Skype calls to write up the crazy events that occurred over Friday, which was supposed to be part of my week off. You’ve probably read about the Wanna Decryptor (aka WannaCrypt or WCry) fiasco on several news sites, but I figured I’d tell my story.

I woke up at around 10am and checked onto the UK cyber threat sharing platform where I had been following the spread of the Emotet banking malware, something that seemed incredibly significant until today. There were a few of your usual posts about various organisations being hit with ransomware, but nothing significant… yet. I ended up going out to lunch with a friend, meanwhile the WannaCrypt ransomware campaign had entered full swing.

When I returned home at about 2:30, the threat sharing platform was flooded with posts about various NHS systems all across the country being hit, which was what tipped me off to the fact this was something big. Although ransomware on a public sector system isn’t even newsworthy, systems being hit simultaneously across the country is. (Contrary to popular belief, most NHS employees don’t open phishing e-mails, which suggested that something to be this widespread it would have to be propagated using another method.)

I was quickly able to get a sample of the malware with the help of Kafeine, a good friend and fellow researcher. Upon running the sample in my analysis environment I instantly noticed it queried an unregistered domain, which I promptly registered.

Using Cisco Umbrella, we can actually see query volume to the domain prior to my registration of it, which shows that the ransomware campaign started at around 8am UTC.

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