A Letter From Satan

I have not been going to alot of AA meeting because I have so much trouble telling my brother’s and sister’s in AA about what my daughter and her family of drunks did to me, to make their fucked-up lives work for them. They knew my daughter was not Randy’s child early on. Heather’s drunken aunt and uncle have no children, and never will. They told a innocent child they were her surrogate parents, behind her real mother’s back because Patrice did not have a drinking problem. When they found me, and found out I had fourteen years of sobriety, they panicked! They poisoned my sixteen year daughter’s mind against me. But the real damage was done when Patrice authored this fake letter to me in order to make sure she and Heather got in Snyder’s Anti-Program book. Patrice Hanson was a Stage Mother. She was writing her own biography about Christine, whom she never knew. She used me to get to Rosamond’s fame an fortune. She had my daughter commit an act of fraud by signing her name to that letter. No sixteen year old would say;

“With love from your long lost daughter!”

This is right out of Game of Thrones, or a Witchy Tale! These words come from a devious old hag!

I received The Letter of Deceit on March 11, 2001. Several months later Patrice Hanson, Vicki and Mark Presco, and Shamus Dundon disappeared my seventeen year old daughter, too her out of my life for over two years so she could be a part of their Anti-AA program. All the family secrets, are safe again. My sober sister’s auto-biography, has vanished, too! My Fifth Step will be done after I am utterly ex-communicated, after all the Hope has been sucked out of me. Heather was my reward for being Sober. There was talk about Rosamond committing suicide on her first sober birthday. What could have gone wrong? I thinks she was ganged-up on at Rocky Point for pushing members with recovery, aside.

Then they went after my grandson! They told him there is no such thing as a drinking problem, and that I was not a nice man – and even crazy! This is why I am treated like an outsider. I deserve it. I am going to continue going to the Twelve Step meeting, and find a group in Springfield. I will keep my story simple, and when I get flustered, I will just pass a laminated photo of Flip toasting Tyler Hunt in a bar. A picture is worth a thousand words!

Millions need Christine and my story. Trump is considering defunding the agency that fights drug addiction that killed 33,000 Americans.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

“I’m moving around the country this coming week to go to states where we want to make certain that they are allowed and have the resources to be able to address this opioid crisis,” Price said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “This is an absolute scourge in our country; 33,000 deaths last year due to opioid overdose. We cannot tolerate that.”


But Tim Piazza had fallen down a flight of stairs on that morning in February and was on a couch in the frat house, unresponsive. Davis said he thought he should be at a hospital instead, and told his new frat brothers so.

“They said ‘No you’re overreacting. You don’t know what you’re talking about,’ ” Davis recounted in an interview on “Good Morning America” that aired Friday. “I said ‘I do know what I’m talking about. He could have a concussion.

“They just wanted to make sure that they themselves were safe rather than Tim truly being safe.”

Rosamond Press





simone33When I showed the first letter I got from my daughter to my good friend, Ed Corbin, he told me my daughter did not write this letter. Ed has authored a book about Eisenhower, had been an editor at Doubleday, and was a graduate from Harvard. I was dismayed to hear his astute opinion.

“What makes you think so?” I asked.

“A sixteen year old could not have written this. There is evidence of a second party. You daughter only contributed her signature.”

The second party is Heather’s mother who is keeping one good eye on the prize which is to get our daughter in Tom Snyder’s biography. Patrice is authoring she and Heather’s qualifications, and gets Rosamond’s seal of approval – from beyond the grave.
I warned Judge Richard M. Silver and executor, Sydney Morris, that this kind of evil shit was going on, and would hurt members of…

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