Killers Used Alcohol

I am supposed to be done with my tour of murals, and heading for an AA meeting. I was going to be standing over my mother’s grave, this morning. The last time I saw her alive, she was wrapped in a bedsheet. I had to restrain her because she was very drunk and a danger unto herself. Before I went down to see her I talked with authorities about having her committed. When abuse of alcohol is involved, nothing goes as planned. It was four in the morning. I was alone with a woman bent on destruction. She was rummaging through her home. I asked her what she was looking for;

“I’m looking for Christine!”

Rosemary’s daughter drowned on her first sober birthday. I feared our mother was looking for her husband’s gun. She kept saying children are not supposed to die before their mother. Robby had bailed, and probably took his gun with him. He asked me to come down and take care of his wife, while he visited his parents in Pennsylvania. My mother abandoned me. My father died three years earlier. I was an orphan in the world.

There exists a cult around the abuse of alcohol in most of our colleges. Timothy Piazza had not intention of hurting himself. If his peers had posted a video of them giving a dog that much alcohol, the police would have been right over. They did not post a video of his injuries, because the police and an ambulance – would have been right over! There would have been a scandal. They knew what they were doing was wrong, thus, they concealed their actions, and this dire emergency from outsiders. This Death Cult did not allow individuals to act like caring and responsible adults. Young men who knew death was possible, protected their brothers – and thus themselves!

In cyberspace I am with my Brothers and Sisters in that beautiful house on Howe Street, saying a prayer. I had a pre-meeting two days ago, where I spoke, after handing my thirty year coin to the person sitting next to me. It would go around the table, giving energy and hope to all. More and more meetings are becoming closed meetings, meaning if you are drunk, don’t come in the door. It used to be if you are drunk you are welcome, but do not share.

This young man had a alcohol level of 4.0. He was not able to say…..”Help me!”

I suggest a basket containing chips with this message on it, be put on the table, and passed around. A moment of silence.

Jon Presco

Eighteen fraternity members were charged in the death of a 19-year-old Pennsylvania State University student who fell multiple times after consuming toxic levels of alcohol — and whose own friends failed to get help for him for many hours, authorities said.

The fraternity brothers’ actions, and inaction, were detailed in grand jury investigation findings released Friday by Centre County District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller. The Beta Theta Pi chapter was charged as well.

Timothy Piazza’s death led to the permanent banning of the fraternity from Penn State, and strict new rules for Greek organizations on campus. Penn State’s president called the grand jury’s findings “sickening” and vowed to firmly enforce the new rules.



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