Jesus Freaks Love Big Brother

I told you so!

President Trump speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington in February. Credit Stephen Crowley/The New York Times

WASHINGTON — President Trump plans to mark National Day of Prayer on Thursday by issuing an executive order that makes it easier for churches and other religious groups to actively participate in politics without risking their tax-exempt status, several administration officials said.

Taking action as he hosts conservative religious leaders Thursday morning, Mr. Trump’s executive order would attempt to overcome a provision in the federal tax code that prohibits religious organizations like churches from directly opposing or supporting political candidates.

The move is likely to be hailed by some faith leaders, who have long complained that the law stifles their freedom of expression. But the order falls short of a more sweeping effort to protect religious liberties that has been pushed by conservative religious leaders since Mr. Trump’s election.

Many clergy members say they do not want to endorse political candidates from the pulpit because it could split their congregations and distract from their religious messages. This appears to be the case even among evangelicals, although it is Mr. Trump’s conservative evangelical advisers who encouraged him to address the issue.

The Evangelical What-Have-You

The Evangelical……… not for anything. It defines itself by what it is against. Thank God for whatever that is! Thank God for Gays, Abortionists, Democrats – and Socialists! Oh, but, let them kiss up to brown folks who came south of the border, and negate their vote at the same time by calling upon BIG GOVERNMENT to regulate these voters.

As I predicted, the Roman slave wolves have led their massive voting flocks down a dead end, luring them there with a Gay on a stick, a all day sucker, and a dead fetus on a stick, the evangelical crucifixion. Not once is Jesus mentioned in this quest to be politically correct, in a holy way……………….I guess.

Oh, and it is being ruled caring about the poor, and not calling them “parasites” would be a big help in making thirty million evangelical Republican voters revelant again. (tee-hee)

Did I mention these righteous folks oppose BIG GOVERNMENT, and thus BIG GOVERNMENT defines who they are? To run against BIG GOVERNMENT, and lose, is funny as all hell! I mean, what do you do for an encore?

I hear Sarah Palin is being considered for President.

“In the election aftermath, many conservative evangelicals are being forced into introspection.”

Christianity used to be a form of meditation where monks entered their cubicle and became introspective for many years. Today, any ol evangelical can enter a voting booth for five minutes, and with glee, strike at the enemies of King Jesus.

“are being forced into introspection.”

By whom? Are we talking about some sort of rehab – for BIG LOSERS?


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  1. Reblogged this on Rosamond Press and commented:

    Here is my prophetic post in May of 2017. For writing on these matters, Kim Haffner riled up our neighbors to terrorize me and my cat friends.

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