Holy Shroud of Rougemont-Capet

I have proven the Rougemonts were Templars, and owned the Shroud of Turin, that was discribed as a “blood relic”

Rosamond Press

Guy de Rougemont married into the House of Capet and thus are kindred to the Kings of France. This is a Knights Templar family whom owned the Shroud of Turin. Philip the Fair was of the House of Capet and purged the Templars. However, the Rougemont Templars were unscathed. Was there a secret genetic alliance made with the Capet Royalty who married into the Plantagenet and Anjou line. This is the first evidence that a Priory de Sion-like lineage was created.

Above is the Rougemont coat of arms, depictng an eagle wearing a royal crown.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2012

Capetian and Plantagenet
Briefly, under Louis VII ‘the Young’ (1120–1180), the House of Capet rose in their power in France – Louis married Aliénor (1122–1204), the heiress of the Duchy of Aquitaine, and so became Duke – an advantage which had been eagerly grasped by Louis VI ‘the Fat’ (1081–1137), Louis…

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