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Zorthian fled the Armenian Geneocide, and died a General of the Armninian Army in exile. He was titled ‘The Last Bohemian’. In 1965 I attended a party at the Zorthian Ranch with my childhood friend, Nancy Hamren (whose grandmother owned the recipe for Nancy’s Yogurt) and Barry and Seyburn Zorthian, the daughter’s of the artist, Jirayr H. Zorthian, who was influenced by Thomas Hart Benton. Thomas is the cousin of the muralist, Garth Benton who married my late sister, the world famous artist, Christine Rosamond Benton. These four women and myself would live in a commune in San Fancisco, our rent paid by Betty Zorthian, the heiress of the William’s Shave fortune. Seyburn is an artist.

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backto5My friend, Peter Shapiro, was the founder of the Acid Rock Group ‘The Marbles’ who played at the Longshoreman’s Hall in 1965. A thousand original hippies were there. A Tribute to Dr. Strange. That is Peter on a bridge in Venice California with Keith Purvis, Tim O’Connor and his girlfriend, and myself.

Keith was the lover of Berry Zorthian, the daughter of the artist, Jirayr Zorthian, who was titled ‘The Last Bohemian’. He was influenced by the artist Thomas Hart Benton, whose cousin, Garth Benton, married my late sister, the world-famous artist known as Rosamond. Christine Rosamond Benton lived in the ‘Idles Hands’ commune in San Francisco along with the Zorthian Sisters, and Nancy Hamren, a good friend of the Kesey family. Betty Williams-Zorntian paid the rent. That is Betty playing the guitar to her children. In 1965, when I was eighteen, I dropped acid at Betty’s home in Pasadena…

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