Rhode Line de Bouillon

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Herman was married to Ida, Ida of Boulogne, daughter of Eustace II of Boulogne and sister of Godfrey de Bouillon first Grand Master of the Knights Templar. Eustace was the first Crusader King of Jerusalem.

They had the following children:
Henry I of Cuijk (1070-1108) x Alverardis of Hochstaden, Viscount of Utrecht and Lord of Cuijk. Founded as the widow Alveradis of Norbertijnerabdij Mariënweerd.
Andries van Cuijk (1075-1139), Bishop of Utrecht.
Godfried van Cuijk (1070-1134)
Helwig of Cuijk (1075-1128), in 1096 married Arnold I of Red.

Arnold de Rode, Red, Rhode begat the Rover-Montfort line that married into my Rosemondt lineage, thus, a real Rose Line associated with the rulers of Jerusalem, the Templars, and the Merovingians.

“Heilwig van Rode ?” The Niece of Godfrey de Bouillon
Ida of Boulogne was the sister of Godfrey de Boulogne. She married
Herman of Malsen van Cuijk/Cuyck. Their daughter, Heilwig, married
Arnold van…

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