Exilarchs and Huguenots of South Carolina

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25 Jul 2001, Blenheim Palace Gardens, Oxfordshire, England, UK --- Marlborough Hedge Maze at Blenheim Palace Gardens --- Image by © Skyscan/Corbis


Yesterday I began a long letter to Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. I posted on his facebook some of my family history, and, gave my opinion of the Pro-Life movement that Lindsey supports. America is in a great crisis due to the adoption of false means to esteem ourselves. Using aborted fetuses, banning immigrants, being a racist that appeals to the most ignorant citizens, and, threatening to go to war with friends and foes alike, is all the rage amongst the Republicans who claim they are the defenders of Family Values and Christian history and morals. With the election of a immoral President, who is being guided by racist Svengali, our Democracy is experiencing an identity crisis, that is exacerbated by the election of a black President. Black people want to refine their core identity as it exists in white society. Then there is the gay community.

I am…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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