To Godschalk Rosemondt Louvain 18 October 1520

Gottschalk Rosemondt of Eindhoven in Northern Brabant, matriculated
at the University of Louvain on 1499 and remained there until his
death in 1526. A doctor of divinity in 1516, he succeeded in 1520 to
the chair o f theology formerly held by Jan Briart. Like Briart he
was a personal friend of the future Pope Adrian V1. His prominent
position in the theological faculty notwithstanding , he retained an
open mind towards humanists studies and a measure of sympathy for

Rosamond Press

Thomas Moore had four children that he raised after his wife died. He was made a Saint and Martyre of the Catholic Church. Erasmus mentions my ancestor, Godschalk Rosemondt, in his letter to Moore in regards to the Inquisitor, Egmondamus, who is accusing this famous Biblical scholar of being in league with Martin Luthar, and thus – is guilty of heresy! Erasmus knows his life is at stake – along with his reputation.

Rosemondt is the Rector of Leuven, and the Master of the Falcon Art College. He is a good friend of Pope Andrien. Perhaps he is lurking in the background of the painting we see above, where Moore’s daughter is in distress when her father is arrested. This is the calm before the storm my ancestor is trying to prevent.

I hereby offer the history of my illustrious family, and my Biblical knowledge in defence of the President…

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