Bible Bull Goes Bust



Will Trump take from the Arts and give to the Bullshit Artists? Note dinosaur mural above door done by ancestor of Stacey Pierrot, caretaker of BS. That’s the entrance to the first Rosamond gallery. Did Eve have a surname? Eve Rosamond? Eve ‘Rose of the World’.

Looks like Rena and I camping. Come to think of it, she did offer me an apple. Maybe I should call up Deputy Dan and tell him I am kin to Jesus via the House of Orange, and, Satan keeps using Rena to corrupt my Immortal Man Soul.

“Please, Dan! Protect me from that Temptress!”

This is why white folks are going extinct. Note typical Midwest white man with his deformed son taking in the bullshit. Even though they both have high I.Q.s generations of Christian inbreeding, had rendered them hallucinating morons. NO, you can’t climb the fake tree! Stay off the fake rocks, idiot!

Their grandpa used to shoot hippies high on LSD off their choppers in order to save Jesustown.

Looks like my truck. Only Jesus and Adam are allowed to have long hair.  I might open a ‘Easy Rider Museum’ in Crockett.


About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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