The Western Hemisphere Union

Long live Obama!

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The reason President Obama has no ISIS strategy, is because no one wants to be in his corner, and, world leaders want America to be the Killer Cop of the World – at the cost of trillions to America tax payers!

What I suggest is the formation of the Western Hemisphere Union (the WHO) where half the world is SAVED! The rest of it can go to hell!

What I suggest, is, the European Union and the US give Putin the Eukraine, Syria, and Iraq, as a gesture of goodwill. After all, Putin is a Christian, and, would not be very happy to share his new promised land with a terrorist caliphate. Once Putin has established Killer Jesusland – instead of us – then we deport all Muslims. Islam will be banned from the WHU because it is a highly toxic and violent religion. Their counterpart, the Evangelical Doomsday Redneck…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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