Raised By Rose Mothers

I am looking at a Euro-Cal Union that will go after the ideas of Steve Bannon.

Rosamond Press


In California, Mary Magdalene Rosamond raised four daughters, and her two nephews, by herself. Rosemary Rita Rosamond, raised four children by herself. Christine Rosamond Presco, raised one child by herself. Rose Ursula Von der Leyen, raised seven children, with the help of her husband who carries on the dream of the founders of the European Union.

Rose Mothers. German Mothers. War Mothers. Children of War. Children of Roses. Come to Rose Mountain!

Jon Presco



Wolfdietrich is a German hero of romance. The tale of Wolfdietrich is connected with the Merovingian princes, Theodoric and Theodebert, son and grandson of Clovis; but in the Middle High German poems of Ortnit and Wolfdietrich in the Heldenbuch.
Wolfdietrich is the son of Hugdietrich, emperor of Constantinople. Repudiated and exposed by his father, the child was spared by the wolves of the forest, and was educated by the faithful Berchtung of Meran. Theā€¦

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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