Cardboard Box Bannon – Bans Press!

927584 steve_bannon_2014 steve-bannonPhoto: Big Box Bannon woken from his long nap, and enticed out of his box by a box of chicken, is alas ready to go to work – after he swills down a pint of Vodka with a beer chaser.

Looking like he crawled out of a cardboard box, Big Box Bannon, went after  the Press! There exist no examples that any of Bannon’s ideas, works! Why are we tolerating this Big Loser with drunken ideas?

Jon Presco

Steve Bannon once really wanted to make a documentary about Nazis.

In an 11-page outline obtained by The Daily Beast, President Trump’s chief strategist aimed to cover an array of topics, including eugenics, Adolf Hitler, abortion and cloning. The draft, written in 2005, was tentatively titled “The Singularity: Resistance Is Futile.”

Bannon, who was set to write, direct and produce the film, penned one segment on “blood purity” and Nazis, which would aim to discuss “the perfectibility of life through a human-controlled elite race that will bring about a better world.” The movie was also set to explore ideas of “survival of the fittest” and “Aryan elite.”

When reached by The Daily Beast, Julia Jones, Bannon’s former writing partner, said that Bannon had been courting Mel Gibson to finance the film. The two allegedly met in person to discuss “The Singularity.”

“Yup, he certainly enjoyed name-dropping Gibson,” another source close to Bannon told The Daily Beast.

Jones and Bannon have since gone their separate ways, thanks, in large part, to Bannon’s involvement during Trump’s campaign.

“I don’t want to know him anymore,” Jones said back in October. “I don’t care if I lose the friendship anymore.”

Amid a presidential campaign that has been marred by scandal, conspiracy theories, and the spectre of a new far-right leader, disillusioned French voters have called for an outsider to join the race: Barack Obama.

A petition launched on Monday calls on the former US president to run in this year’s French elections, which will be held in April and May. Called Obama17, the petition aims to garner 1 million signatures by March 2015, and as of Friday morning, it had already gained 30,000, according to one of the people behind the effort. But even the people who launched the website acknowledge that the chances of Obama actually ascending to the Elysée Palace are virtually zero. French law requires presidential candidates to be French, which Obama is not.


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