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Rena and I had a little slap fest ten miles west of Winnemucca. “Nevada prides itself on being the emptiest state in the nation. For example, Winnemucca is situated 165 miles east of Reno and 353 miles west of Salt Lake City. In between stretches a forbidding expanse of barren rock and scrawny sagebrush. Nice country for jackrabbits, but a challenge for any life form higher than a buzzard. If it weren’t for the Internet, I’m sure my mind would have atrophied and died long ago.”

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absurd6In looking at C.D. Payne’s connection to Winnemucca I came upon a genre of writing called Absurdist fiction. My ‘Desert Waif of the Undrivers’ certainly fits into this new category that is sometimes surreal. At twelve, I was a great surrealist artist whose hero was Salvador Dali. I am enjoying being a surrealist writer whose posts are surrealist paintings.
Add the topical news I cover in the same genre, then, I might be titled an Absurd Surrealist Journalist. I like the sound of that.

If I can only get Rena to come aboard and write a column.

My novelette ‘Golden Girls of the Corn Cob’ can be described as Absurdist fiction, where my Muse in set in a surreal environment and seen as the Female Messiah. C.D. Payne wrote a play ‘Queen of America’ that has sprung my soap box. Payne has walked into my trap on this one.


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