High Noon In Florida

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Trump and Melania did High Noon in Florida. Alas, Helen of High Noon makes her appearance, as promised. In broken English, she defends her beleaguered man who just wants to defeat the bad guys, and bring a Great Safeness to America. But, the evil press do not want Americans to feel safe. This is why they fill the airwaves with fake news that alarms the Children of God, who don’t like to be alarmed, and hate to be afraid. That’s not true! They pray for the End of Days and Armageddon, which Tiny Trump is appearing to start with his Muslim Ban. The Trumps are not Christians!

Rena is always afraid. She is………the Beating Heart of America! We Americans are more than happy to spend a million dollars protecting Melania. Beautiful women need to feel safe, more than other women. This goes for Christian Women. Grace Kelly married the Prince of Monaco and wore a real crown. Do women want beauty, money, power?


Jon Presco

Waiting For Artaud





cooper8The Theatre of Cruelty and Cultural Warfare is coming to Emerson Center For Arts & Culture


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