Dancing In The Catherdral of Souls



When I heard from a schoolmate Rena was a dancer living in the Isle of Wight, there appeared  a rainbow that I traversed to where she was. In the coming months I saw us being married in the Cathedral of the Souls, to Enya’s song. I would enter, turn, and hold out my hand, and she entered. This became a meditation. I was told by a seer that I go to this cathedral every night where I have a reserved seat at a great oval table. Behind me is a hooded figure. This is saying, I am the Grandmaster. I was also told people come into my being, and, take!

When people learn I am a hippie, a artist, a poet, a spiritualist, they say to themselves;

“That’s what I am. I took LSD, too. I should have these things. I deserve fame and fortune, and not Jon. Jon is a garbage can for my bad experiences. He is a taker and parasite. How did he end up with the beautiful woman – meant for me!”

To read this, filled me with joy! Here is the California Kid, meeting his Nebraska Cowgirl. She has looked at this blog. She danced for the Royal Ballet!

“I see you are quite left-leaning. Please do not, in your urban world, be too hard on cattle producers, or, red-neck women. We are human too.”

Only if you agree to not be so hard on yourself! I have always feared the beauty of the Black Swan, the protectors of Cattle Ranchers everywhere!

I was a Rosicrucian at sixteen, without being aware I was such. My grandmother, Mary Magdalene Rosamond, was befriended by them. Anyhow, I do not have anymore time to argue with people who get near me. At times, I will speak directly to you from the Cathedral. I will give you what you need. I will give you rest in the Sanctuary.

Atop our mountain we went to see the sunset on the side of grassy hill. I would make a seat for Rena, and she would get in. We traveled like this until the Milky Way appear. We never took drugs. What I am offering to those, who can take it, is not bought at Target, or on Amazon. It is not a AP or an attainment. The real wolves are at the door. We are going where they can not go. Hold on!

Jon Presco

“The Cathedral of the Soul shall be your Cathedral and mine, and the dwelling place of the great masters of the past and future.”



By The Imperator
[H. Spencer Lewis]
[From The Rosicrucian Digest January 1930]

IT SEEMS fitting that in the issue of this magazine for the beginning of the year 1930 and at practically the twenty-first year of our Rosicrucian activities in America under the present cycle, I should have the opportunity to announce the existence of a new and beautiful star in the Cosmic, which will hereafter be known as the Cathedral of the Soul.

Fourteen years ago, the first foundation stones of this invisible immaterial yet not intangible cathedral were laid by me with due ceremony and reverential consideration for the part I might be taking in a work that seemed to be Cosmically directed and divinely decreed. Having prayerfully received and considered the instructions for this great work for seven years, it was my joy to bring the inspiration into some form of earthly manifestation and thus fourteen years ago, the plan that was decreed seven years previously became a living Cosmic reality.

Our members are to hear much about this Cathedral of the Soul in the near future, and at present I wish merely to announce its name and present to you a brief picture of what it is. This cathedral is that great holy of holies and Cosmic sanctum maintained by the beams of thought waves of thousands of our most advanced members, who have been prepared and trained to direct these beams of thought at certain periods of the day and the week toward one central point, and there becomes a manifest power, a creative force, a health giving and peace giving nucleus far removed from the material trials and problems, limitations and destructive elements of the earth plane.

While men have been busy planning, building, and directing great spires and towers of earthly cathedrals that would reach high into the heavens and become the material abiding place for those in devotion and meditation, we have been creating this cathedral of prayer and illumination, Cosmic joy, and peace high above every material plane and ascent into the Cosmic itself.

In this cathedral there will be the music of the spheres and the chimes of Cosmic rhythm, there will come from its spire the call to worship at various hours of the day and week throughout the years to come, and our prepared and advanced members will reach this cathedral with their thoughts and their soul consciousness and dwell therein and carry on the great work of bidding others welcome, touching them with the hand of fellowship and the heart of sympathetic understanding. From its high altar will go forth the illuminating words of Cosmic inspiration and divine illumination. Into this great cathedral we will call those who are seeking for the first portal of the Cosmic Assembly. Hereafter, it will be our ambition and our pleasure to direct the sincere and the devout, the worthy and the needy to this great cathedral. The story of what it is and what it means will be issued in a beautiful booklet to aid those who are starting on the path with their gaze turning upward, away from the desire for knowledge of a material nature, and seeking the more glorious life giving, soul inspiring illumination of the Cosmic hosts.

The Cathedral of the Soul shall be your Cathedral and mine, and the dwelling place of the great masters of the past and future.

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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