Artaud’s Homage to Van Gough

In January 2014 I did a series of posts about a imaginary Art Festival being held in Bozeman Monatana. Artaud and VanGough were coming in on the high noon train to attend. They represented the foreign eliment lacking in this cowboy town. To read the article wherein the Bozeman Arts Thing, defends the National Endowment of the Arts, is why Trump fears artists more than the press. “As executive orders continue, Americans need to keep their focus on assessing their merits in terms of community. For example, the federal arts and history funding programs, National Endowment for the Arts and National Endowment for the Humanities, are possibly going to be terminated.
Budgetary considerations can hardly be the reason as these organizations operate in the millions, not billions, something akin to one or two military aircraft. Yet they touch every state, providing funding and opportunities for opera companies (consider Bozeman’s own Intermountain Opera), for hundreds of Shakespeare productions through outreach to rural communities, for museums, theatre companies, and for grants to arts and history training programs for young people – cultural enrichment for communities in 50 states.”

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Rena Victoria’s return in a more fleshy form (ink and paper) is equivalent to Eve returning to Adam in Paradise. A New Genesis is under way, as I own four pages of divine suggestions worthy of the Sistine chapel, such as this one;

“I see you are quite left-leaning. Please do not, in your urban world, be too hard on cattle producers and red-neck women. We are human too!”

Perhaps this is not a commandment from the omnipotent pedagogy, but, it is a wished for course correction that points the prow of my ship towards a more feminine, thus peaceful star. If I don’t want the source of my inspiration flow, to be cut-off, I will do my best to write the most profound apology in the history of the English language. James Joyce, move over.

For a warm up I am going to author a short story about two…

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