The Nation of California


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It’s 2:31 A.M. February 18, 2017. Three hours ago I discovered several articles on the founding of the Nation of California. My date with destiny, has arrived. As I pointed out this blog would be meaningless if Trump had lost the election. I lost friends who insisted I was wasting my time. Some said I am deluded, even dangerous. However, this is how it goes, for the man who has a dream…….that is about to come true! I can feel it in the air. I kept telling Marilyn I was being drawn home. The Trumpites just killed the Arts.

Jon Presco

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

As the Bay Area bleeds blue, some Silicon Valley giants want no part of living and working under a Trump presidency.

There is a campaign underway for California to become its own nation, lead in large part by Shervin Pishevar, an early investor in Uber. He’s funding a campaign for the Golden State to secede from the union.

Pishevar, who hosted a fundraiser for Clinton in July, resigned from the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board.

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He tells President Obama that he, “cannot serve President Trump with a good conscience.”

Venture Capitalist Paul Holland, who recently hosted Tim Kaine, spoke about the secession idea.

“If anybody would be able to do it, it would be California. It’s the sixth largest economy. It’s relatively self-sufficient int hat we can provide most of our food and most of our own labor,” said Holland.

Louis Marinelli, a San Diego resident who is the leader of the group promoting an effort to turn the state into an independent country , organized the Moscow event that was publicized on social media.

“We want to start laying the groundwork for a dialogue about an independent California joining the United Nations now,” he said in an email Monday.

Marinelli is currently working as an English teacher in Russia, and said he is there working on immigration issues related to his wife, who is a Russian national.

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In 1849 he was appointed pastor of the Hollis Street Church in Boston, where he became one of the most famous preachers in New England. He vacationed in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and in 1859 published a book about the area entitled The White Hills; their Legends, Landscapes, & Poetry. In 1860 he accepted a call from the First Unitarian Church of San Francisco, California. In July of that year, he visited Yosemite and was moved spiritually by its splendor. Upon returning to San Francisco, he began preaching a series of sermons on Yosemite, published letters about it in the Boston Evening Transcript, and aligned himself with fellow abolitionist and landscape architect, Frederick Law Olmstead, to have Yosemite set aside as a reserve. Yosemite would become a California State Park and eventually a National park.[4] Starr King joined the Freemasons and was raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason in Oriental Lodge No. 144 in San Francisco, now Phoenix Lodge No. 144, and served as grand orator of the Grand Lodge of California in 1863.[1]

Starr King’s younger brother, Edward Starr King, served as captain of the clipper ship Syren. Capt. Starr King arrived in San Francisco aboard Syren just two days after his elder brother’s stirring 1861 speech about Washington and the Union, remarking, “Starr has the brains of the family, and I the brawn.”[5]

Plaque at Thomas Starr King sarcophagus.

During the Civil War, Starr King spoke zealously in favor of the Union and was credited by Abraham Lincoln with preventing California from becoming a separate republic. At the urging of Jessie Benton Frémont, Starr King teamed up with writer Bret Harte, and Starr King read Harte’s patriotic poems at pro-Union speeches.[6] Starr King also read original verses by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and James Russell Lowe which captured the imagination of the Californians. In a letter to Starr King wrote to James T. Fields, the editor of the Atlantic Monthly, “The state must be Northernized thoroughly, by schools, Atlantic Monthlies, lectures, N.E. preachers.”[6]

In addition, he organized the Pacific Branch of the United States Sanitary Commission, which raised money and medical materials for wounded soldiers and was the predecessor to the American Red Cross. A fiery orator, he raised more than $1.5 million for the Sanitary Commission headquarters in New York City, one-fifth of the total contributions from all the states in the Union.

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    I am going to form a new California Nation based upon the Forty-Eighters and Freethinkers. This nation will back Ursala von de Leyen.

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