The Bohemian Labyrinth Tragedy

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The warehouse 34 young people died in is described as a Labyrinth. The Fruitvale area has gotten worldwide attention as a Mecca for artists and experimental lifestyles. The fire that consumed their creative drive, was fueled by poverty. While Ivanka and her brother, Barron, need opulent towers to sustain their lifestyle, parents knew their children were attracted to Jingletown where a person can be free, where they are around their visonary peers fashioning a brave new world – out of nothing! They need to see this ingenuity because no one has a real job, and can not afford to put on the Ritz. They can barely pay their rent. There was a trailer gypsy camp in the dirt lot next door. This is not new. Joaquin Miller lived up the street and allowed Japanese poets to build paper houses on his land. Then there were the Bohemian writers camped out…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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