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A right-wing pro-Israel group tied a goat to a stake in order to attract the tiger that showed up and was killed.  This will be used to refresh the bulls-eye on our President’s back. Why the school board went along with this, should be investigated. School children may be targeted, but that would be just fine with Geller, a Jewish Succubus for hateful Zionists, who used unsuspecting artists. This She-Demon tricked my fellow artists into putting a target on their back. There was a cash prize. Geller pays millions for ads on subways. This was a very inexpensive publicity stunt. No doubt she studied other cases where artists are tricked and cheated.

No doubt Geller will hold a Salon des Refuses, so she can further exploit the bedazzled cartoonists, they quite taken by her LOVE necklace, they not sure why anyone would want to shoot them. It must be some kind…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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