Shoshana Bohemian Bank

Trump and the Republican Zealots can’t wait to destroy the Bohemian Spirit in America. They will give tax cuts to the rich, and bleed the poor dry. WHY?

Rosamond Press


Two months before Obama won the White House, I founded the Bohemian Bank that would cater to, and unite the Service Industry into a political powerhouse. The efforts to increase the minimum wage, have been successful. Seventy percent of Americans work in service industry jobs that are under attack in Brussels and France where citizens talked about taking their kitchen tables out of doors and having dinner in defiance of ISIS terrorists who struck at restaurant, and a place that pays musicians to entertain. Waitresses and busboy are not going to work. They live paycheck to paycheck. What I am suggesting is a World Wide Tip Bank, an emergency fund that can help workers, and Bohemian establishments survive during a time of crisis, that hopefully is temporary. If this terror lasts too long, then were must invent a alternative. This is the Bohemian way!

Jon Presco

President: Shoshana Bohemian Bank SBB

The central…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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