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Rena Christina Rosamonde


Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

This is the first book of the Trilogy that is titled ‘Capturing Beauty’.

The name RENA is a great Brand Name! How about……RENA ROSAMOND?


I Could not teach my daughter what a BRAND is. This is all this poor father, artist, poet, and author, had to offer her. I showed her the photo Rena gave me and told her Rena was not only my Muse, but Christine’s Muse – that made her famous and rich! Her mother and aunt, and her big shot attorney husband, had their eye on the Rosamond Gallery and the team of Vicki and Stacey Pierrot. That’s where Heather’s Fame&Fortune lie. I told my daughter my two nieces are locked in combat over the legacy ROSAMOND left them. She and the Hansons only heard I was THE ENEMY! Heather was born on MY MOTHER’S BIRTHDAY who was named…..


If this Hanson Family attorney was not so set on getting me, and destroying me, he could have filed a Wrongful Death Suit for FIVE MIILION DOLLARS! My nieces would have joined in this Class Action Suit for loss of monies due to books, art, and movies. Because the owner of the Rocky Point house was very wealthy, and very interested in making his mother the head of his creative family legacy, he would have settled out of court. He would not want the bad publicity. He would not want OTHER VERSIONS of how CHRISTINE ROSAMOND – ended up dead – to embarrass this businessman. It would be bad for business. Truth and Business don’t mix. Art and Business – don’t mix! This is why there exist a conspiracy to keep REAL ARTISTS – dirt ass poor! AND POWERLESS!

There were so many attorneys in on this case. Like sharks they circled the Rosamond.  probate, and not one of them thought to sue Allan Fox? How about Mr. Green, the rich man who menaced me at Christine’s funeral? How about, Garth Benton’s attorney, Robin Beare who Vicki talked to every day before she dropped out as our sister;s executor, she named in Rosamond’s Will to serve her best interests. Surely she wanted Allan Fox sued for not protecting her creative ass, for not giving her a WARNING!

One thing is for sure, if I were at Rocky Point, I would not have let my sister, and nine year old niece, go down to one of the most dangerous places on earth! Drew was saved from the churning DEATH TRAP, and watched her mother float out to sea. Surely the tag team of Garth&Vicki could have found an attorney to work the CHILD INDANGERMENT angle. Christine would be alive today, working away in the Artist Vault of Utter Isolation because everyone around you sees you as a very chocolate piece of cake!

Then, here comes my pretty daughter and her family full of experts, one who was an attorney? That’s two sharks! They declared me insane, because Patrice told her daughter since she was two, that once she found Rosamond, she would help her niece become rich and famous. Is Heather an artist? No! She is a singer, and she and her mom were addicted to that goddamn T.V. talent show. I didn’t know I had a daughter! She was sweet sixteen when I first lay eyes on her. She was alarmed because she was getting old. All the hot female County Western Singers are Stars by the age of fourteen, All of a sudden I am Mr. Money Bags, and not Rosamond’s Mentor – who made my sister wealthy! What the fuck do I know?

What I was, was the Ethical Vault Door to Integral Money and Justice. I didn’t need to go to law school, or, read the tedious rules on how to become an Ethical Appraiser of Real Estate. Most attorneys hate artists, because there are secret rules on how to treat us, given behind closed door just before graduation. Law Students are warned that Bohemian Ethics are a threat to replace the Law of the Land, and, we owned real power in the Keep Away Game played with us. We are the Hidden Currency of God. If we only knew we were Co-Creators. Da Vinci knew this, and it is his finger that touches the finger of God high up in the Sistine Chapel. Rena Christina Rosamonde, is my Mona Lisa.

Garth and his attorney, asked for half a million dollars from his old friend. He and Christine had spent the night in the San Francisco mansion while he worked on this Lost Mural. There was a settlement out of court. For how much, we do not know. In this case Garth was an exception to the Keep Money Away From Artists Rule. I think this is because his great grandfather, Colonel Thomas Hart Benton, saved Albert Pikes Masonic Library during the Civil War. An artist can help his career by becoming a Freemason – and a member of the Bohemian Club.

I helped make this Art Protection Law the Gettys say they were ignorant of. Yet, they have amassed one of the largest art collections in the world. I got on a bus with a bunch of artists and met other busloads in Sacramento. One would think David Steiner should have shown my dead sister more respect by asking;

“What about that crazy-ass ex-wife of yours, who was terrified of the sea. I think you got a wrongful death suit here. But, you got to hurry the statutes of limitations is a factor!”

On Monday I talked to a attorney about a WDS. With a disgust he told me the time to file a WDS had come and gone. A mural was worth more than my sister who had many more paintings in her. Why not a mural or two? They disappeared her autobiography – that is paramount to painting over Garth’s mural that the white paint is being removed from? How many millions of dollars would ‘The Rosamond Story’ have generated for my nieces – who are artists? They were made to get attorneys and fight one another in court. They were given as little money as possible because they are artists – and non-Masons! If we had three million dollars, then we would have been a threat. We could have danced more attorneys around in our game of Keep Away.

The biography that THEY came out of was written by a dude who wrote about Highway 66. Snyder’s book is ‘In Defense of Garth Benton’. Snyder may have flunked out of law school. It is the only artist’s biography that reads like papers filed in a Supreme Court. Garth is carefully removed from Rocky Point, along with the high tide and strong winds. Court appointed executor, Sydney Morris is responsible for this Sack of Lies, he asked to serve after Getty Man, Lawrence Chazen, tried to become the executor. Chazen is a attorney nd CEO of Noble Oil. He used his talent to set them up in Switzerland so they don’t have to pay any taxes.  Keeping money away from the Tax Man goes hand in hand with keeping money away from – real artistS! Christine did not consider herself a real artist, and, this is the crux of my story. How real is our muse…..


With my million, I would have bought the Creative Family Legacy, and did for it what I have done in this blog – FOR FREE – and much more! How about, Rena? Would our Muse get her share?

To have spent fifty days with one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, was truly a incredible mind-blowing experience. I got looks these models give the camera – all day!

The Intimate Apparel Industry is worth billions! I can’t take it with me! BRANDS do better when left as a legacy. Waiting for me to die – will not do!

Jon Presco

Copyright 2016


The capacity of some people to give back to the community is truly awe- inspiring, and as far as San Francisco is concerned, the Gettys are in a world all their own.

As if the local standard bearers of high society had not done enough in the areas of philanthropy, culture, music or family planning, now the Gettys have ventured forth in a new and unexpected arena: art education.

Their first project is to remind us that when you decide to “upgrade” an artist’s work, you may want to call the artist before getting in touch with your inner Monet. And it’s better, and cheaper, if your cubist leanings don’t involve someone else’s cube.

Late last week, Ann and Gordon Getty quietly settled a lawsuit — as if for them there could be any other way — that had been hanging over their estate for several months. Under the agreement, the Gettys have agreed to pay Garth Benton, an internationally acclaimed muralist, a sizable but undisclosed amount in exchange for the artist’s agreeing to drop his suit against one of the country’s richest families.

Benton’s lawsuit centered on an obscure California law that protects the work of artists, giving them the equivalent of copyright ownership of their work even after the work is sold. The 20-year-old law makes it a crime to alter, destroy or deface a work of fine art and holds that doing so can be “detrimental to the artist’s reputation.” In Benton’s case, however, the art wasn’t so much defaced as actually erased.

It seems that the Gettys, once enamored of Benton’s work — to the point they commissioned him to do a series of murals for their Pacific Heights mansion — grew tired of the large canvas paintings. Rather than removing them,

the famous art patrons had them painted over — in the words of one attorney close to the case, they were “whited out.”

When this happened isn’t exactly clear, but it apparently took place about seven years ago. Yet the Alabama-based Benton, who did the murals from 1986 to 1988, found out about it only early this year, when by chance, he called his onetime San Francisco clients.

It seems Benton telephoned his former patrons to request photographs of the murals, titled “The Works,” for inclusion in a catalog. A few days later, he discovered “The Works” had been worked over. And as they say in polite society,

the artist was not pleased.

Benton, whose clients have included Bob Hope, Aaron Spelling and former President Gerald Ford, sued Ann and Gordon Getty for $500,000 — about $170, 000 more than he was paid for the original murals. Attorneys involved in the negotiations say he will not receive that much in the settlement. And in return for the payment, the Gettys will be free to do with the murals what they want — keep them in their current repainted state or remove them from their walls.

Why they weren’t simply removed rather than painted over is a matter of some contention among the parties involved. Benton’s attorney says the murals were painted on specially prepared canvasses for the explicit purpose of allowing the Gettys to move them to another home or property if they so desired.

But the couple’s attorneys say they didn’t realize that the works could be removed — and didn’t know they lacked the authority to, shall we say, reconfigure them.

“The Gettys certainly weren’t aware of the law protecting the art,” said their attorney, Virginia Crisp, a partner with Coblentz, Patch, Duffy and Bass in San Francisco. “It’s not a well-known statute, and they simply weren’t aware that there would be any problem painting over one of the walls in their home.”

Crisp said the decision to paint them over was not meant to impugn the artist’s reputation or work. The Gettys just happen to use the atrium area where the murals were located for numerous parties. “And the parties often have themes — themes that didn’t necessarily work well with the art expressed in the paintings.”

And having been to the Getty home on a day when scruffy journalists like myself were invited, I can say that with the general eclectic art theme that ranges from Polynesian to Picasso, it would be difficult to throw an Italianate mural into the mix.

Yet to the Gettys’ credit, said Benton’s attorney, David Paul Steiner, they called in experts after being informed of their gaffe, to see if the murals could be restored. But the cost of trying to restore the giant paintings would have been prohibitive, Steiner said, at least twice as much as it cost to paint the original works.

“It’s a pity that the works have been destroyed, and it’s somewhat ironic that this would involve the Gettys, since Benton has done a great deal of work for the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles,” Steiner said. “But we’re just happy to have the matter resolved.”

Yet now that the Gettys are keenly aware of the art protection statute, the art community can breathe a collective sigh of relief, because it should spare the other works in their collection, including paintings by Renoir and Pissarro.

Certainly they have provided the public with a stirring lesson in art preservation. Indeed, my children have already informed me that their football montages, their Marvel Comic knock-off panels, and even their rather hurriedly constructed skateboard sketch series are not to be touched or removed without their prior authorization.

Because you just can’t be too careful in assuming that something is not fine art.

Just a few years ago, another muralist, Kent Twitchell, received a $175,000 settlement from a motel owner who allowed a billboard company to whitewash a painting of an old woman overlooking the Hollywood Freeway — not realizing it was actually “The Old Woman of the Freeway.”

Better just to work out your artistic urges on your own canvas. Or maybe avoid theme parties altogether.

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