Ursula von der Leyden – Rose Ladson

The Rose of Germany may soon be the Prime Minister of Germany. She will have to deal with the comedy team of Donald & Benny who share filthy jokes, and invent stupid excuses, at the Dirty Liar’s Club. This Tag Team For Pussy, will not be able to do their routine on a white woman, and get away with it. I bid all Americans with German roots to give the Rose their support. We have family traditions, also!

Rosamond Press


Here is “Rose Ladson”. Here is my Heir! Ursula fits most of the visions I have been having. My Prussian Teutonic Knights stand behind her. She is the woman in my painting whom I gave the name ‘Rose of the World’.

“While studying in London in 1978, she used the pseudonym “Rose Ladson“, because she was seen as a potential target for West German left-wing terrorism.[ Röschen

I was seeing names in the word THRONES. I saw THE SON. I saw a ROSE. Now I see a LAD, a SON, and a ROSE. Now I see VAN ANDERSON.

Rose Laden and I share the same birthday, October 8th. She she was four, she had a dream.

“Ursula von der Leyen is four years old when she told her mother about a strange dream.In it she says: “Heavenly Father, I break the clouds!And…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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