Paul Ryan on Human Parasites

Any cuts Paul Ryan instigates that hurt Americans will be considered an act of treason – if this Catholic does not oppose David Friedman, a backer of foreign oppression, and sworn enemy of Liberal.

Rosamond Press

Vice Presidential Candidate for the Republican Party, Paul Ryan, has made history,and has made me and this blog famous, for I saw him coming a long time ago. Paul echos the opinions of my brother, Mark Presco, and my daughter, Heather Hanson, when it comes to naming needy folks receiving Government assistance “PARASITES”. This shaming of the Poor, and Women, makes Mitt and Ryan the American Taliban. Threatening to take away food stamps from the hungry and throw seniors off a cliff – is Politcal Religious Terrorism, a tactic suggested by Rushdoony who believes that teenagers who talk back to their parents should be stoned to death according to God’s laws in the Bible.

Mitt and Ryan are on a mission from God, they believing Secular Government offers a alternative to being converted to Catholicism and Mormonisn. These two nut-jobs want to put millions of Americans in CRISIS so they…

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