Glendon Avenue’s Bohemian Scene

anthony103 Anthony104

Above is a painting of Midvale Ave. where we Presco’s lived in 1962. There was a heat wave. We grew up in a Wonder House in Oakland where we each had a friend that lived with us – as much as they could. Our home was full of Children. We hardly saw Rosemary. She left us in charge of a ugly old maid while she went to LA to prepare for our arrival. For three months we raised each other. We considered whether we would see our mother again. We had no address or telephone number. She called us once a week. Rosemary was very bitter she got stick with Victor’s kids. We got no child support.

Mark and I were protective of Christine who was fifteen when she met her future husband, Larry Sidle. Larry lived four houses down from us on Glendon. He was the only teenage male on the block – for several blocks! Raphael Fouquette lived about three blocks away, and Christine found her walking home from school. How could Larry ignore Christine. She was the girl next door who became Larry’s bride. They had a baby girl, Shannon.

Glendon Ave. was a mini Bohemian scene. We all did the best we could to own some magic in our lives. We lived in a nice home in Westwood, in a nice neighborhood. Uncle Vinnie owned it. Everything looked good on the outside. If you only knew. Larry got to know. He did not know we were a closed family system. We had secrets. Larry was too open, and perhaps………too healthy? He was a surfer, the real deal. He knew many hip people. He was Mr. Los Angeles. He loved us all. He will love Christine, forever!

Jon Gregory Presco

Christine and Larry Sidle at Rosemary Mile’s home on Jamieson in the Reseda. My sister is pregnant with Shannon Rosamond. We have acclimated to LA and spent much time by a swimming pool.

christine-1967-larry-1 christine-1967-larry-2christine-1967-larry-3christine-1967-raphaele-larrychristine-1975-at-glendon-house-2

Christine at Glendon.


Christine and Shannon.

christine-1977-shannon-2 christine-1977-shannon

Raphael watching Christine and Larry kiss.


Family gathering at Lillian’s, and on Glendon

prescos-1962-family-gathering-2 prescos-1964-family-gathering-1


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