Jingletown Again

I am starting a ‘Ignore Trump’ movement. Boycotte old Blabber Mouth, and cable news that airs his insanity. Most of the people in the world don’t want to be in his Maze and Rat Race. Most people want to be poor, but not that poor! Let’s find a creative balance! Let’s pool our money and resources together to make the world we want to live in.

Ghost Ship was a Living Museum. The world designers owe Bohemians so much for thinking outside the box, and, trying to change the world. Bad things happen. Look at Allepo and ISIS blowing up works of art. Their religious design is a failure. I am going to try to contact Son, and see if he wants to invest fifty million in the New Bohemian Frontier.

Rosamond Press


If I don’t get any respect in Springfield, then I might move back to Oakland, get me a shack in Jingletown. However, being the historian to Joaquin Miller and John Fremont, I don’t got to move my old bones anywhere. I am the West Coast Kid! Bobby Jensen is the founder of Jingletown, and I guess I am too. I had my boat docked in the Estuary. I tried to rent that tower above the Rat’s headquarters.

I started the painting below right after I dropped out of High School. I was seventeen, and scared for my future. I was aiming to make money from my art without compromising my integrity. Marilyn and I are on the verge of breaking up. The actor who played ‘Perry Mason’ said I could have a show in his gallery when I got enough pieces. I was inspired by the duck hunting shacks in…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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