Am I God?

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I have no audience for this question. My liberal agnostic friends don’t want God to exist, while so called believers, want to cut my throat. When I died, I saw God. I was not looking to see God. I was an atheist. Having seen God, and His Kingdom of Truth, I was in deep shit. I knew no one would believe me, so I kept my experience to myself. I became a follower of Meher Baba three months after my life was restored. There exist very few people who believe I died. Most people who read this, will become very agitated. Most see life as a LP, where the stylist and needle is placed on the vinyl, you hear half a dozen turnes, and that’s it. All done! You die! End of story!

Not quite! There’s a flip-side to the Long Playing Album of Life, titled ‘Life After Death’. This blog ‘Royal Rosamond Press’ is a RECORD of my born again – PROOF! Most people do not want to read this PROOF, because they think I am trying to CONVERT THEM, or, bid them – FOLLOW ME!

Who saw Steve Bannon, coming? Herbert Armstrong led the way for Steve, who put HIS MAN in the White House, and, is now the most powerful man on Earth. I am IN THE WAY of Bannon and Trump – in theory!

America can not rely on the Liberal Agnostics to do the right thing, and vote the right way. Tens of thousands of ‘The Green God Empowered Me To Save Earth’ people – put another demigod in office. Al Gore was their man.

Meher Baba said he was God. He bid people to follow him and his teaching. I have obeyed many of his tennants. I have done foolish things – while in costume! Above is a photograph of me wearing a hat with a BIG G on it, that stands for GOD. I have just claimed Herbert Armstrong’s Radio Church. Herbert has been seen as a White Supremist. I and God took this church from neo-Nazi and the KKK. This was my motive. I have claimed I can SEE into the future. Here is some proof. Liberal Democrats, and Black People will reject this proof I am a SEER. They needed a Seer, to tell them what was coming. They had this Seer. They abused me. They accused me, they threatened to kill me. I do not have a friend in thr world, nor have I conversed with a family member in over five years. I am being punished, reviled – destroyed!

Now, you must prepare to listen to White Supremists for the next four years – at least! But more than that, they are detemined to hurt you. Trumpenstein did a victory lap in the coloseum, riding his chariot of gold. He can’t wait to hurt more than half of America. He and his followers will lay claim to many things. But, God already owns all those things. I own many of those things. I AM……..The Caretaker!

Trump and his Cabinet will provide proof God in on their side the day he is sworn in. But, I will raise my staff, and shout….T-HIS SPACE IS ALREADY OCCUPIED!

Jon ‘The Nazarite’

Ideology, tenets and beliefs[edit source]

Christian Identity asserts that the white people of Europe or Caucasians in general are God’s servant people, according to the promises that were given to AbrahamIsaac, and Jacob. It further asserts that the early European tribes were really the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel and therefore the rightful heirs to God’s promises, and God’s chosen people. Colin Kidd wrote that in America Christian Identity exploited “the puzzle of the Ten Lost Tribes to justify an openly anti-Semitic and virulently racist agenda.”[40]

Two House Theology[edit source]

Like British Israelites, Christian Identity (CI) adherents believe in Two House Theology.[41] However the major difference between British Israelism and CI is that British Israelites have always maintained that Jews are descended from the tribe of Judah.[42] In contrast, while also maintaining a Two House distinction, Christian Identity proponents believe that the true lineal descendants of Judah are not contemporary Jews, but are instead White Europeans whose ancestors settled mainly in ScotlandGermany, and other European nations, alongside the House of Israel. They are Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Germanic, Nordic, and kindred peoples.[41][43] Some CI scholars teach that many contemporary Jews are the descendants of Cain, citing Genesis 3:15John 8:44 and 1 John 3:12 in support of their position; they also teach that Cain was the spawn of Satan.[44]

Christian Identity is a major unifying theology for a number of diverse groups of white nationalist Christians. It is a belief system that provides its members with a religious basis for racial separatism. Herbert W. Armstrong is inaccurately described by some of his critics, as well as by supporters of Christian Identity, as having supported Christian Identity, due to his belief in a modified form of British Israelism, and the fact that during his lifetime, he propounded observances favoured by many Christian Identity groups, such as seventh-day Sabbatarianism and biblical festivals. The Worldwide Church of God which Armstrong founded did not subscribe to the anti-Semitism commonly espoused by the Christian or Israel Identity groups but instead adhered to the traditional beliefs of British Israelism; i.e., the belief that modern day Jews are descendants of the Tribe of Judah whereas the Anglo-SaxonsCeltsDanes, etc. are descendants of the remaining Ten Tribes of Israel formerly known as the Northern Kingdom.

A memoir of growing up with blind, African-American parents in a segregated cult preaching the imminent end of the world

When The World in Flames begins, in 1970, Jerry Walker is six years old. His consciousness revolves around being a member of a church whose beliefs he finds not only confusing but terrifying. Composed of a hodgepodge of requirements and restrictions (including a prohibition against doctors and hospitals), the underpinning tenet of Herbert W. Armstrong’s Worldwide Church of God was that its members were divinely chosen and all others would soon perish in rivers of flames.

The substantial membership was ruled by fear, intimidation, and threats. Anyone who dared leave the church would endure hardship for the remainder of this life and eternal suffering in the next. The next life, according to Armstrong, would arrive in 1975, three years after the start of the Great Tribulation. Jerry would be eleven years old.

Jerry’s parents were particularly vulnerable to the promise of relief from the world’s hardships. When they joined the church, in 1960, they were living in a two-room apartment in a dangerous Chicago housing project with the first four of their seven children, and, most significantly, they both were blind, having lost their sight to childhood accidents. They took comfort in the belief that they had been chosen for a special afterlife, even if it meant following a religion with a white supremacist ideology and dutifully sending tithes to Armstrong, whose church boasted more than 100,000 members and more than $80 million in annual revenues at its height.

When the prophecy of the 1972 Great Tribulation does not materialize, Jerry is considerably less disappointed than relieved. When the 1975 end-time prophecy also fails, he finally begins to question his faith and imagine the possibility of choosing a destiny of his own

From Rastafari Talmud

Herbert W Armstrong was an influential and charismatic church leader who founded The Worldwide Church of God and Ambassador College, to globally propagate his doctrine of British Imperialism, through his version of Anglo-European dominated Christianity. Mr. Armstrong was under the delusion that the Ancient Solomonic Dynasty was divinely preordained to be finally re-established through the British Monarchy’s “jewish” bloodline (see The United States and Britain in Prophecy, Armstrong, H. W., 1954). His conviction becomes apparent during an interview when H.I.M. Haile Selassie I afforded Mr. Armstrong audience, in the following excerpt: “Then I mentioned that I have the genealogy of my ancestry, and that I too, am a direct descendant of King Solomon of ancient Israel. “Well why not?” blurted out the Emperor spontaneously, without waiting for the interpreter to tell him what I had said. At that responsive quip WE ALL BURST OUT IN LAUGHTER. From that point the interpreter had very little to do.” (The Plain Truth, pg 38, Dec. 1973) H.I.M. Haile Selassie I’s reply could be better comprehended within the context of Ephesians 1:5 Having predestinated us ONTO THE ADOPTION of children by Jesus Christ to himself, according to the good pleasure of his will 6 To the praise of the glory of HIS GRACE, wherein he hath made us accepted in the beloved”.

haile_selassie-armstrongWherein lies the evil of Mr. Armstrong’s mentality may not be so much due to his lack of historically accurate biblical references (for The Throne of David to be established anywhere except Ethiopia, absolutely disqualifying Britain and the United States) but the fact that he and many in his ministry subscribed to the lie of white supremacy and incorporated it’s atrocity into their counterfeit gospel. Whether or not these missionaries were under the influence of political motives or mere victims of spiritual blindness the author doesn’t know. Nonetheless, the damage of this false ideology has done an extreme amount of damage by turning souls away from the true Gospel of Salvation, due to a lack of truth in it’s preaching. If intentional, this would be nothing less than practicing the doctrine of Balaam? (Βαλαάμ I.Balaam meaning “perhaps”
A native of Pethor a city in Mesopotamia, endued by Yahweh with prophetic power. He was hired by Balak to curse the Israelites; and influenced by the love of reward, he wished to gratify Balak; but he was compelled by Jehovah’s power to bless them. Hence later the Jews saw him as a most abandoned deceiver/Balaam is the typical hireling prophet, seeking only to make a market of his gift. This is “the way of Balaam” 2 Peter 2:15 and characterizes false teachers. The “error” of Balaam” Jude 1:11 was that he could see only the natural morality–a holy God, he reasoned, must curse such a people as Israel. Like all false teachers he was ignorant of the higher morality of vicarious atonement, by which God could be just and yet the justifier of believing sinners Romans 3:26 . The “doctrine of Balaam” Revelation 2:14 refers to his teaching Balak to corrupt the people whom he could not curse ; Numbers 31:16 ; 25:1-3 ; James 4:4 . Spiritually, Balaamism in teaching never rises above natural reasonings; in practice, it is easy world- conformity. Scofield Reference Notes).

Perhaps, Mr. Armstrong, being not well studied in Proverbs, was unaware as H.I.M. subtly made it known that one’s works are not hidden and proceed them as noted in the subsequent excerpt “Early in our talk, His Majesty mentioned THAT HE WAS WELL AWARE, as were the others in the Ethiopian government, that I was the spiritual leader of a large worldwide following. During the first fifteen or twenty minutes of our meeting, he tended to answer whatever I said with a philosophical observation, apparently inspired by Solomon’s Proverbs, which I rather deduced he has studied continuously and religiously.” (The Plain Truth, pg 38, Dec. 1973).


On the other hand, Mr. Armstrong did publicly champion many crucial issues plaguing humanity according to basic Christian principles. Yet, the question remains: did Herbert W. Armstrong live according to these principles in both Word and Deed?/Spirit and Truth?, or did he truly hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitans? (Νικολαΐτης Nikolaïtēs I.Nicolaitans = “destruction of people” A. a sect mentioned in Rev. 2:6,15, who were charged with holding the error of Balaam, casting a stumbling block before the church of God by upholding the liberty of eating things sacrificed to idols as well as committing fornication)

Read more: “Doctrine of Balaam and Nicolaitans Revealed Laodicea Admonished by The Amen”

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