Vic Miller & Benton

I foretold the coming of Trump in this blog, because he first appeared as my father, whose beautiful young secretaries titled ‘Vic The Nazi’. They worked for this Loan Shark in his home. During lunchtime, he would put on Nazi War videos and explain how Germany could have won that war. Then, it’s back to work taking homes away from little old ladies which Captain Vic got busted for. They were a captive audience. If they didn’t want to be indoctrinated into the Super Race, they could always quit, and end up on the street.

Here are artists protesting the High Rise of Von Trump’s loyal daughter ‘Loyal To The Abuse’. Victoria Presco and Ivanka are like twin sisters. Vic chose his namesake the rightful heir to the ‘Rosamond Look’ after Christine got sassy-mouth with him.

Warhol’s Children are on the march – to Ivankastien’s castle. She is the creation of Von Trumpenstien, the Mad Developer and President Elect.

Jon Presco

“Artists protesting at the Puck Building, where Ivanka Trump lives with her husband, Jared Kushner. His family owns the building. Credit Benjamin Norman for The New York Times

The contemporary art world in New York is not known for its political cohesion or conviction, at least in recent years. But more than 150 artists, curators and gallery workers turned out Monday night to march in front of a Downtown Manhattan building where Ivanka Trump, the future first daughter, has an apartment and is believed to keep some pieces of a notable contemporary collection.

The quiet, orderly protest in front of the Puck Building, owned by the family of Ms. Trump’s husband, the developer and investor Jared Kushner, drew well-known artists like Cecily Brown, Rob Pruitt, Ryan McNamara, Jonah Freeman, Dan Colen and Marilyn Minter, whose work is the subject of a retrospective now on view at the Brooklyn Museum. Nate Lowman, an artist whose work Ms. Trump is known to collect, also marched, along with the art dealer Bill Powers.

“The culture changes, and fascism rears its ugly head every so often and that’s what’s happening now,” said Ms. Minter, marching with a battery-powered candle and a sign that made a comically profane reference to Donald J. Trump’s claim to have grabbed women’s genitals. “We wanted to do something to start to the ball rolling, to grow a protest, and we’re artists, so we know how to make posters.”

Rosamond Press








Above is a photo of Garth Benton and his father-in-law, Vic Presco, on a fishing boat. I will be giving this image to the Oakland Museum, because it is of great historic interest.

Garth looks very much like his kindred, Senator Thomas Harte Benton, whose son-in-law was worshipped by the author, Joaquin Miller, who made more than one monument for Fremont on his property in the Oakland Hills, called ‘The Hights’. Miller may have named a park after Fremont that is highlighted by a pyramid fountain and one of the thousands of trees that Joaquin planted. Joaquin says after his father read him and his brothers the adventures of Fremont as boys, did he have a role model.

Vic’s mother, Melba, became a friends of Miller and his daughter, Juanita. Her parents and grandparents had a fruit orchard just below the Hights. When she gave birth to her only child…

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