This article accuses Trump of having a incestuous relationship with his daughter. What Trump is doing, is called ‘Covert Sexual’ abuse.


I will explain this again in coming posts. Vic Presco was guilty of this, as well as ‘Overt Sexual Abuse’. We will look at the abusive brutish men that Rosemary, Christine, Vicki, and my daughter bonded with. They are haters of art and anything refined. They should have been banned from museums and galleries. A restraining order should have been issued to keep them away from creative and sensitive souls. Marilyn, Rena, and Patrice also bonded with abusive men. This is why these women go after me, hurt and abandon me, the MAN Christine gave credit for her fame. I remind these abusive men and women of their shortcomings, there serious hidden damage that in most cases was done by their father. Daughters will protect their criminal fathers, and the damage they did, The more perfect, wonderful, and gifted you are, the more of a threat you are to DISCOVER THE TRUTH. I now know who the real guilty parties are. I now understand why Rena went to the sheriif with my beautiful letter. It reminded her of the kind of man – she did not bond with after me. She bonded with brutes and un-creative grunts – while she is dancing in the Royal Ballet. She is perfect, and they are not. To have my childhood gifts be signaled out as the reason Christine was oppressed as a five year old artist, is an outrage, because it is the lie that seals the acts of incest by both parents, and puts them on the head of a six year old boy who is accused of going  along with the neglect our parents showed Christine, who in the latest account on Wikipedia, was doing adult art at the age of five. It was through me that Christine was severely abused and abandoned, not Vic or Rosemary. This is child abuse and mental torture. Somehow my childhood is not worth saving, while Victor is given a second, third, and fourth chance to make it right. With Trump, you get Vic. With Vic, his children got hell. Wait till he owns full power. “After the US Presidential election, a lot of controversies came to public about the future president of the United States. This time it targets old interview of the incoming president in his views about his first-born daughter Ivanka Trump, reported on Chicago Tribune last 2006.
In March 2006, Trump in an interview said if there are any chances that his daughter will post on Playboy Magazine. With a quick answer, Trump said, “I don’t think Ivanka would do that, although she does have a very nice figure. I’ve said if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her”
Ivanka Trump’s suppose response circulated through the media but with no certainties if it was her answer. “If he wasn’t my father, I would spray him with Mace,” was the exact catchphrase given. As reported on Snopes.
“News For Dumb Guys” in March 2006 was the source of these controversies about the Father-Daughter supposed word war. This simply instates factual news that Ivanka Trump never did say anything or responded to his Father’s view.
During the “The Howard Stern Show” in 2004, Trump at 58 also gave his admiration to his daughter. Donald Trump talked about how beautiful her daughter is. This was his response when asked by Howard Stern during the interview.
On the same show in 2003, Donald Trump also bragged about her daughter when he said that he helped created one of the great beauties of the world. He also said Ivanka made “tremendous money” with her job in the modeling industry, said on Daily Mail.


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vic30009vic30012Prescos 1952 Vic, Christine, Melba & RosemaryPrescos 1956 Melba, Vic & Rosemary

My niece, Shannon Rosamond, used the word “DISPOSED” to describe what my family did to me. She avoided the word “SACRIFICED” because I was sacrificed to make it all work for everyone, starting with Vic, who claimed I was not his son. He disposed of me at an early age. This is because he, and his mother, and the Stuttmeisters, could not handle the truth Victor William Presco, was a bastard! What they really cared about, is, that Melba had a child out-of-wedlock by an older man, who soon lost interest in being a father, and dropped out of society to become professional gambler – a Free Man and Fare-thee-well! This is their version of the truth.

I am sure these hardworking industrious Germans wanted to string that fucking Bohemian Bum, up! Victor felt the depth of their loathing, and the depth of his mother’s shame! It ruined his life…

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